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Introducing Our New Horse Racing Video Archive

by Aidan Elder | August 10, 2012

UPDATE: Please note that as a result of technical difficulties, the video archive isn’t working quite as outlined below. When you click on a horse’s archive video form, you will be directed towards previous runs for that horse, just not necessarily the most recent run at a Racing UK track as was intended. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused and inform you that we hope to have the problem resolved in coming days.


Our technology geniuses have been beavering away for the last few weeks. After a lot of hard work and some technical jargon we don’t understand, just nod and say ‘yes’ to whenever someone talks to us about it, we’ve launched our Horse Racing Archive service and as that name suggests, it’s an archive of horse racing footage you can watch on

You may have already noticed the old school ‘camera and film’ symbol appearing to the right of the horse’s name on our horse racing pages. Thankfully it’s not our way of telling you this horse has forged a successful career directing movies in Hollywood, it’s something far more useful. Click on the camera icon and you’ll be able to watch archive coverage of that horse’s most recent run. The one very minor caveat is that it’ll be the horse’s last run at one of the Racing UK tracks. That’s 30 of the race-tracks in the UK, but it’s the best 30 with the race-courses that host the vast majority of the Group and Graded level races on the flat and over the obstacles respectively.

Horse Racing Video Archive

There’s also an option to search for a horse. For example, in the image below, I’ve entered the name of Kauto Star to illustrate that point, but basically the name of most other UK-based horses will also work.

Horse Racing Video Archive

Very few other bookies have this service and the ones who do want you to place a bet or your first-born child for use of the service, but it’s entirely free on You don’t need to have placed a bet to avail of it. All we ask is that you have a valid account and be logged in to view the race. And hey, if you want to show your gratitude by having a bet, well then we won’t stop you, but it’s completely free to use.

If you’ve any further questions about the service, stick them in the comments section below and we’ll have a go at answering them. If you’ve got any questions about anything, also stick them in the comments section and we’ll have a stab at those ones too.


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