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Exclusive: Emile Heskey signs a new contract!

by Rob Dore | August 20, 2012

Just last week former England and Liverpool “striker” Emile Heskey turned down a £90-a-week contract with Blackpool. Having been released by Aston Villa over the summer, Heskey is a free agent. However, the offers haven’t exactly been flooding in and he was believed to be regretting turning down Blackpool before this new offer was presented.

Heskey has now signed a rolling contract with the government which will see him picking up £64 every single week, tax free, as long as he can prove he’s been looking for work.

I’m really excited about what we can achieve in the Job Centre this year. This is a good opportunity for me to show what I can really do. The girl behind the counter said I can be in charge of sharpening the pencils.

Contract signed, now Emile can focus on what he does best. Something to do with gardening probably.

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