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Show us your tekkers and win Paddy Power Lucky Pants

by Paddy Power Admin | August 21, 2012

Lucky Pants strip

Two-time FIFA World Player of the Year Ronaldinho shows he’s still got it while playing in his homeland for Atlético Mineiro. Check out the clip above.

Now the Paddy Power Blog is giving readers a chance to win three pairs of our famous Lucky Pants if you can copy the former Barcelona player’s skill. Or make us laugh trying.

There’s two tricks by Ronaldinho:

  • Flick it over opponent’s head
  • Knee/shin it to team-mate

All the evidence (from Twitter) suggests your chances of scoring this weekend (in real life) will be improved by 147% by donning Paddy Power’s alluring green under your jeans/tracksuit. That’s one pair of Paddy Power Lucky Pants for you, and one pair each for two assistants. One entrant gets to play the part of Ronaldinho, while two pals will play bamboozled defenders.

If you can’t find any friends to help, try to copy Ronaldinho’s techniques on your own, but that’s just the one pair of pants on offer. (If you’re really good, we’ll consider a second pair)

Here’s how to enter…

  • Grab a couple of mates
  • Film your attempt to copy Ronaldinho’s flicks
  • Send your videos to
  • We’ll feature a selection of the best clips on the Paddy Power Blog and then pick a winner
  • Paddy Power Blog team’s decision is final
  • Entries must reach us by Friday, August 31

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