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Exclusive: Prince Harry’s secret photo album after saucy Las Vegas strip

by Paddy Power Admin | August 22, 2012

It was the game of strip pool where everybody present lost. But it still looked like they all had a great time. The website TMZ was first to publish naked pictures of playboy Prince Harry partying with pals in Las Vegas.

One of the saucy snaps shows naked Harry (27) being embraced from behind by a topless gal, while another has him pulling the same move on a nude lady next to the pool table. Tough gig. Fair play, we say. Irish newspapers The Evening Herald and The Irish Daily Star have also printed the pictures. Clarence House asked UK papers not to do so. Spoilsports.

Yes, Harry has upped his already-high partyboy rep, and with that in mind, the Paddy Power Blog thinks a move into the entertainment business is only right. We’ve come up with some suggestions.

Here’s a magic role for Harry…

Prince Harry poster

What goes on tour, stays on tour…

Prince Harry poster

The young prince could do a Bruno…

Prince Harry

Tom Cruise, eat your heart out…

Prince Harry

We’re sure Harry is just admiring her tresses

Prince Harry poster

Betting: What will Harry do next?


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