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Mario Balotelli video: From the sublime to the ridiculous

by Sean Goff | August 25, 2012

He may be as mad as a brush but when Mario Balotelli (22) puts his mind to it he’s a handful for any defence.

The former Inter Milan striker followed his boss Roberto Mancini to Manchester City after falling foul of Inter supremo Jose Mourinho with his crazy antics and general madness.

But how Mancini must wish he’d deleted Mario’s number at times as his sometimes impressive performances on the pitch are matched by some very strange behaviour off it.

Mancini swore Mario would never play for the club again towards the end of last season but with Aguero injured there’s a chance he could feature against Liverpool at Anfield on Sunday.

Here’s a taste of what Liverpool or his Manchester City manager and team-mates could be in for.

1. Mario on song

Let’s start with what he can do with a compilation of what Balotelli can do when he puts his mind to it…

2. The camera never lies

After high-fiving the kids in the tunnel Mario fancies a go of club photographer Sharon Latham’s camera. Trouble is it’s still attached to her neck.

3. Mario ‘Bibatelli’

For a player that can tie defences in knots at times he’s having way too much trouble for a grown man with the training bib.

4. The icing on the cake

At first he doesn’t seem arsed about decorating the Christmas cake but in the end Delia Smith would be proud of. Not that Norwich could afford him mind.

5. Free for all?

City captain Vincent Kompany has to order Mario to let Aleksandr Kolarov take a free-kick against Sunderland last season.

6. Paying the penalty

Just in case you think something was lost in translation with Kolarov here’s Balotelli trying to take a penalty kick off Samuel Eto’o in his native Italy.

7. Gona live my life

Does the postman celebrate when he delivers a letter? Mario delivers.

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