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Jesus Christ! Silvio Berlusconi has banned new Paddy Power ad

by Paddy Power Admin | August 28, 2012

God created the world in six days. Good work, fella.

But it appears one humble Irish company’s divine attempts to help wrong the ills of a corruption-dogged society may take a bit longer. Yes, not since Adam and Eve tested God’s no-fruit policy has Catholic society had to swallow such scandal.

Paddy Power attempted to Herod in a new, cleaner, era in Italian football by getting some help from Katie Taylor’s ringman. Yes, JC himself.

The ad is to promote Paddy Power’s new Italian website and the start of the Serie A season.

Jesus stars in Paddy Power ad

However, despite Jesus showing acting skills which, broadly, appeared in line with the 10 Commandments, our latest ad has been banned by Italy’s biggest TV stations, including the one owned by Mr Bunga Bunga himself, Silvio Berlusconi. It’s the worst decision since 80-year-old Cecilia Jimenez took her crayon set to sex-up the 19th-century Ecce Homo fresco of Jesus.

Yes, THREE major broadcasters have already given Paddy Power’s Jesus ad the red card: Italy’s two main free-to-air national television stations, the state-owned RAI and Mediaset, which was founded by Berlusconi, as well as Sky Italia.

Don’t let sandal-wearing fun police spoil your fun though. Here’s the Paddy Power Italy ad in all its glory. [Scroll down for full clip]

Jesus stars in Paddy Power ad

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Jesus stars in Paddy Power ad

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Jesus stars in Paddy Power ad

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Jesus stars in Paddy Power ad

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Watch the full Paddy Power Jesus Christ video here

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