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VIDEO: Referee loses his battle with a bag of water

by Aidan Elder | August 28, 2012

By Aidan Elder | Chief sports writer

Those Germans are great. And we’re not jut saying that because they’ve got about €50 billion worth of IOUs from us. They’ve invented such brilliant things as the car, the universe and perhaps most important of all, the gummi bear. Then again, they also bought the music of David Hasselhoff en masse, so maybe they’re not that bright.

Falling into the ‘not so clever’ category is this referee in the Bundesliga. During a breather during Hannover’s game with Schalke at the weekend, he took the opportunity to get some refreshment. Sadly for him, he didn’t reckon with the snazzy ‘bag of water’ thingamajig and ended up looking more foolish than wearing a ‘Free Nelson Mandela’ t-shirt any time after 1990.

WATER FOOL: The most embarrassing thing to happen to refereeing since Jeff Winter (pic: YouTube)

His name is down as Dr. Felix Brych. We’re assuming it was one of those doctorates you get in the post after doing a taxing examination that involves filling out a form and sending $19.95 to the Department of Totally Legitimate Qualifications at the world famous University of the Only Way Is Essex.

It’s pretty funny, but it’s not all fun and games. The water was sent off and is currently serving a six game ban.


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