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Do you know about all our racing pages have to offer?

by Aidan Elder | August 30, 2012

Paddy Power have had our tech nerds sweating more than a Belarusian shot-putter at testing time.

Yes, our Racing betting pages on are now so fit you may never miss a winner again. And you won’t be sent home in disgrace either.

Backing a winner used to be such a chore. You bought the paper, jumped on the bus, queued at the counter, got growled at by old men with little regard for personal hygiene and then went home and got the results via telegram, carrier pigeon or the radio.

The whole business took about a week and a half and left little time for anything else. Although in some cases, escaping the family was a blessing.

We’ve come a long way since those days and Paddy Power’s Racing pages have made things even easier by bringing together pretty much everything you need for your betting pleasure.

Simply go to Horse Racing in the left-hand navigation on There, a world of stats, facts, live pictures, streaming, in-running and results will inform your betting on the gee-gees.

Whether it’s the latest tips and trends from the Racing Post on the UK and Irish action or live coverage of international racing from South Africa, South America or the UAE, it’s all there.

The pages feature loads of imporvements we’ve been adding over time include Tote betting, without-the-favourite betting, Racing Post Race Predictor and all the latest overnight odds to put you ahead of the posse for the next day’s action.

To see how easy it is click here for the most up-to-date betting resource at you fingertips.

Click here for racing pages tutorial


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