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VIDEO: Manchester United keeper pulls off a miracle save

by Aidan Elder | August 30, 2012
Anders Lindegaard

THERE TO LIND’ A HAND – Lindegaard has impressed at times for the United first team (YouTube)

It must be especially frustrating being a substitute goalkeeper. It must be even worse when the guy in front of you in the pecking order looks about as solid as a patchy teenage beard.

David de Gea has been brilliant for Manchester United on occasion, but he’s also been a bit crap on other occasions. For the most part, Anders Lindegaard has had to spend his time warming the bench as the Spaniard butter-fingered his way through last season. If it was needed, he gave Fergie a reminder of his abilities with the below miracle double save for Manchester United Under 21s against Tottenham Under 21s.

Yeah, we called it a miracle, but if God is apportioning out miracles, we’re guessing he probably doesn’t allocate too many of them to the Barclays Under 21s Premier League. Still though it’s a great double save, regardless of the problematic theological arguments surrounding it.

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