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Play along with Transfer Deadline Day Bingo

by Aidan Elder | August 31, 2012

Obviously Transfer Deadline Day is the greatest thing ever invented and with the addition of the scarely enthusiastic Sky Sports News presenters, is basically perfect, but what if we could make it even more exciting?

‘Impossible!’ we guess you’re saying with a large degree of contempt at the mere suggestion right about now, but our Transfer Day Deadline Day: Jim White Bingo card might just do it. We’ve put together some of the main phrases and mannerisms you’re likely to hear from the Santa of Transfer Deadline Day. Share it with friends, print it off and kick back and enjoy the next twelve hours and 14 minutes of hanging at the edge of your seat.

*Sadly, there’s no prize up for grabs, but seeing the excited look on Jim White’s face as he reads out another piece of idle speculation like it’s the gospel is more than enough reward.

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