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Appy days for Premier League fans thanks to Paddy Power!

by Josh Powell | September 12, 2012

Now those pesky international games are out of the way everyone can focus on what really matters. Topless pictures of Kate Middleton. Joking, mum.

Let us present the brand new Paddy Power Premier League App as developed by Paddy Power’s Mobile team. Yes, they party harder than Prince Harry but when they finally do some work, Paddy’s crew pack more grunt than Andy Murray. Here’s the best bits (there’s loads)….

1. Dedicated team betting statistics

Team Pages

STAT’S AMAZING: The new Paddy Power Premier League app has the most comprehensive fixture list, results, match betting and live odds on your team for the entire Premier League season at the touch of a button. Don’t get caught for a round down the pub because you couldn’t remember who scored your opening goal in August even though you support Aston Villa and you’re unlikely to get more than seven all season.

2. Weekend fixture planning

Screen shot searcher

GET TO THE HEART OF THE ACTION: Don’t make the critical mistake of organising a first date when QPR are at home to Swansea. The Paddy Power Premier League app will also present a quick-fix of odds on the list of games for the weekend. That 10/3 for a draw on Arsenal and Sunderland now looks a bit tasty.

3. Don’t miss a date

Add to your calendar

IT’S A DATE: Look, it’s all going to kick-off this year between Arsenal and Spurs and you don’t want to miss a trick. Simply pop the home and away fixtures into your calendar so when she/he starts dropping hints about Ikea in ‘the next couple of weeks’ you can justifiably give it a swerve. Show her (or him, obviously) the phone and tell her/him the footie’s on. If she/he really loved you she’d/he’d understand.

4. Team Pages packed with stats

Team Screen shot

TEAM PAGES: They’re your team, right. Right? So you want to know who’s in the squad, who they’re playing next week and get the latest odds on them spanking Chelsea so you can get bragging rights over the tosser in accounts who only supports them coz he/she fancies John Terry.

5. Second screen technology


TV BET: Just getting home from the night before and have a pressing engagement with the sofa? Simply point your smartphone at the box, hit TV Bet and the latest odds in the match will display on the screen. It’s less work for you. Think we’re joking? Give it a go. It works and you will never miss out from cashing in on that betting-in-running, next goalscorer or red card again. Developed with TVTak, this is a first-to-market ‘second screen’ technology development by Paddy.

BELLY GOOD JOB: Paddy Power’s Mobile chief made a balls of her weekend accy after getting sand her in her smartphone

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