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Fiver inspiration for your free Paddy Power Premier League bet

by Aidan Elder | September 21, 2012

By Aidan Elder | Chief sports writer

Over 25 years have passed since Alex Ferguson took the managerial hotseat at Old Trafford. With the target of ‘knocking Liverpool off their perch’ in mind, he began laying the foundations for the most successful era in Manchester United’s history.

Down the East Lancs Road, fortunes have gone the other way with a succession of managers tantalisingly getting things going in the right direction, only to fall short of landing the holy grail of a league title. Fergie has no doubt looked on smugly with every removal company that has entered the Anfield gaffer’s office.

We’re offering an excellent Buy One, Get One Free Offer for the weekend in which we get our first slice of Scouse v Manc hostility. and getting your Free Bet is easier than selling Liverpool an over-priced English player. Download the Paddy Power Premier League App, place a £/€5 bet via the app and we’ll automagically give you a Free £/€5 Bet. It’s extra great because it’s open to everyone, even if you’ve already been really clever and opened a Paddy Power account.

  • In honour of the big match and this mega-super-fantabulous offer, the Paddy Power Blog has had a stroll down memory lane. Here’s a look at the roll of managers who have arrived at Anfield since Fergie arrived and what a humble fiver would have bought you around that time.

In 1986 £5 gets you…

A fiver back then would have got you four pints and a pack of cigarettes, probably consumed after training or the night before a big match. C’mon, everybody’s doing it. A pint cost about 90p and 20 fags set you back about £1.40. #professionalism

How times have changed. These days, you wouldn’t catch modern footballers such as Wayne Rooney and Andy Carroll indulging in smoking and heavy drinking sessions. Well, you wouldn’t catch them as much.

MUFC manager: Alex Ferguson
Honours during this time: FA Cup 1989-90; UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup 1990-91; half a Charity Shield 1990

LFC manager: Kenny Dalglish
Honours during this time: First Division winners 1987-88, 1989-90; FA Cup winners 1988-89; Charity Shield 1986, 1988, 1989, 1990

In 1991 £5 gets you…

A decent haircut. Clearly this wasn’t an option Barry Venison availed of very often.

Since those days, the hair industry has boomed. In the UK alone, it’s estimated that £5 billion is spent annually in barber shops and hair salons, with former Liverpool striker, Djibril Cisse said to account for 25 per cent of that incredibly large spend.

MUFC manager: Alex Ferguson
Honours during this time: Premier League 1992-93, 1993-94; FA Cup 1993-94, Rumblelows Cup 1991-92; Charity Shield 1993, UEFA Super Cup 1991

LFC manager: Graeme Souness
Honours during this time: FA Cup 1991-92

In 1994 £5 gets you…

7.35 litres of petrol at 68p a litre. Petrol you could have used to drive to Alan Hansen ‘s house to taunt him in person about his ‘you don’t win anything with kids’ claim. These days, turn up at a petrol station with a fiver and they’ll laugh and ask you to leave. Or give you 3.5 litres of petrol and then laugh.

Paul Scholes were two of the youngsters among that golden generation for United. He eventually retired in 2011, but returned at the start of 2012. If United win this season’s league title, it’ll be Scholes’s 11th win and will come just months before he qualifies for a bus pass.

MUFC manager: Alex Ferguson
Honours during this time: Premier League 1995-96, 1996-97; FA Cup 1995-96; Charity Shield 1994, 1996, 1997

LFC manager: Roy Evans
Honours during this time: Coca Cola Cup 1994-95

In 1998 £5 gets you…

19 stamps at 26p a pop. Presumably that was a calculation many a post office worker had to make as a nation took the opportunity to vent their fury at David Beckham via the medium of hate-mail after he stupidly got sent off against Argentina at World Cup 1998. This is what trolls had to do before Twitter was invented.

Such was the vitriol aimed at Beckham at the time, it was speculated that he might retire immediately from football. Luckily his perseverance (and his account) were rewarded in 2007 when he joined LA Galaxy. The MLS club are said to pay him $3 million a year for attending royal weddings, the Olympics and playing the occasional game for them.

MUFC manager: Sir Alex Ferguson
Honours during this time: Premier League 1998-99, 1999-2000, 2000-01, 2002-03; FA Cup 1998-99, 2033-04; Charity Shield 2003, Champions League 1998-99, Intercontinental Cup 1999

LFC manager: Gerard Houllier
Honours during this time: FA Cup 2000-01, Worthington Cup 2000-01, 2002-03; Community Shield 2001; UEFA Cup 2000-01; UEFA Super Cup 2001

In 2004 £5 gets you…

A packet of Gillette Mach 3 razors. Which everyone thought was kind of pricey. Including Rafa Bentiez presumably because soon after he tried to save money by growing that terrible goatee. Well, do you’ve a better explanation for it?

Rafa had a roller-coaster few seasons at Anfield, winning the Champions League in his first season, turning Liverpool into league contenders later before going backwards like the leader of the Lib Dems in his final season. The only thing as questionable as the Spaniard’s facial hair was his transfer policy. The signings of Pepe Reina, Xabi Alonso and Fernando Torres were roaring successes, Jermaine Pennant, Ryan Babel and Andrea Dossena less so.

MUFC manager: Sir Alex Ferguson
Honours during this time: Premier League 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09; Carling Cup 2005-06, 2008-09; Community Shield 2007, 2008; Champions League 2007-08; World Club Cup 2008

LFC manager: Rafa Benitez
Honours during this time: FA Cup 2005-06, Community Shield 2006; Champions League 2004-05; UEFA Super Cup 2005

In 2010 £5 gets you…

A special edition Blu-Ray copy of the Goonies to compare in high definition detail just how much Dirk Kuyt and his twin brother Sloth look alike.

Despite not being everyone’s idea of an oil painting, Kuyt became a firm favourite with the Kop. In 2011 he scored a hat-trick against Manchester United from a combined distance of about five yards. That’s not even an exaggeration.

MUFC manager: Sir Alex Ferguson
Honours during this time: Premier League 2010-11; Community Shield 2010

LFC manager: Roy Hodgson
Honours during this time: Nope

In 2011 £5 gets you…

Not much. You could put it towards your super-injunction which was quite popular at the time. Still going strong away from the pitch too, eh Ryan?

Giggs’ efforts to keep news of his affair with Imogen Thomas out of the press inadvertently generated far more interest in it than it would normally. In the House of Commons, Lid Dem MP for Birmingham Yardley, John Hemming got involved for some reason, using parliamentary privilege to reveal Giggs was the proprietor of the super-injunction. His later attempt to reveal a list of ‘Hollywood actors who are gay’ was deemed irrelevant.

MUFC manager: Sir Alex Ferguson
Honours during this time: Community Shield 2011

LFC manager: Kenny Dalglish
Honours during this time: Carling Cup 2011-12

In 2012 £5 gets you…

Well, it gets you a Free £/€5 Bet! Simply download the Paddy Power Premier League App (you can do it here, but it’s probably easier to go to the App Store on your phone and type in ‘Paddy Power Premier League app’), place a £/€5 bet via the app and we will give you another one absolutely free.

It’s a great offer and a great app. It’s got loads of stats and information on the Premier League and of course all the latest odds.

MUFC manager: Sir Alex Ferguson

LFC manager: Brendan Rodgers

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