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The results are in! Have you bagged yourself some lucky pants?

by Josh Powell | September 21, 2012

WARNING: Just because you now own Paddy Power Lucky Pants you still might not be able to pull off this look

The results are in. The Paddy Power Blog team have picked out the best chants from last weeks competition and we can now reveal the five people who will be receiving some super-hot Paddy Power lucky pants.

Five pairs of green undies are winging their way through the postal service as we speak ready to bring countless amount of luck to the benefactors. Remember you can’t buy Paddy Power pants anywhere and the only way to get hold of these beauties is making us laugh in bananas competitions like these. If you’ve forgotten how good people look in the pants head over this way and check out these lovely ladies and gentlemen.

We have plenty of love for Louis Walsh but we don’t do sob stories or dramatic pauses in this competition so let’s get straight stuck in with the top five chants we received last week.

He moves through the night like a Scouse in balaclava,
He gets through his days watching Corrie on Granada,

He turned to his son and said, “Luke, I am your father!”
Heeeeey, Monakana (aaaaayaai!!)

This is sung to the tune of the Macarena and that was just one of the reasons we liked this chant. Jeff Monakana is currently playing at Preston North End and is no doubt highly entertained when this rousing chant is sung from the stands. Great work Andy Lewis some beautiful undercrackers are on the way to you!

No income tax, no VAT, no Jelavic, no RFC. Green and white over the Ibrox door,
it’s an Asda superstore. . .

Again another song to a popular theme tune, this time Only Fools and Horses. Every club likes having a cheeky dig at their rivals and unfortunately for Rangers, their financial woe provided plenty of ammunition for hilarious chants. This clean and well written ditty definitely gets our vote. Well done Eddie!

All we need is Shinji Kagawa, Shinji Kagawa, Shinji Kagawa

When a new player comes to a club it can be quite hard to get a song to catch on in the terraces but we really hope that this one will become a popular anthem around Old Trafford. Everyone loves a bit of Queen and sung to the tune of Radio Gaga this chant is simple, effective and enjoyable. Great work from Alex Martin.

He does what he wants, he does what he wants, Paolo Di Canio, he does what he wants

It’s no secret that we love Paolo Di Canio here on the Paddy Power Blog because he is simply bananas. You never quite know what the eccentric manager is going to do next and this song pretty much sums it up. Heard around many stadiums up and down the country it isn’t the most original but it might be the most original. Cracking work Cheryl!

You’ve lost that hair-line Phelan
Woah that hair-line Phelan
You’ve lost that hair-line Phelan now it’s gone gone gone

A bit of an oldie here from Tyron Parkinson sung at the West Brom games during the 1990’s but it tickled us here in Power Tower. Going bald is by no means a laughing matter but poking fun at a Phelan’s receding hairline certainly is.

Keep your eyes peeled on the Blog for plenty more chances to get your hands on some Paddy Power lucky pants in the future!

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