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Big match bottler? Money-Back on the Ryder Cup

by Josh Powell | September 24, 2012

The Ryder Cup is fast approaching and the battle lines have been drawn. Europe face America with more than just a trophy at stake, there is a huge amount of pride on the line and each golfer will be shouldering the hopes of a continent. That’s some pressure to have to deal with and these players are going to have some serious bottle to make it stick.

That’s why Paddy Power is whipping out a massive Money-Back Special on this year’s Ryder Cup.

If your selection leads through 12 holes but fails to win, Paddy will refund your losing win stake on that match.

This is a barmy offer from Paddy considering the strain on the guys on the course and applies to singles, fourballs and foursomes. If your selection is leading when they play off the 13th hole and fails to win Paddy will be refunding your losing stake and that should take the pressure off punters at least, but not the players.

When they come up to the final few holes hands will be sweaty, putts will be twitchy and anything could happen. Paddy Power punters will be safe in the knowledge that as long as their selection was leading off the 13th no amount of bottling will cost them.

Paddy himself will be hoping everyone holds their nerve or his wallet will be taking a whopping hit!

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