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NFL video: New Orleans defence stinks worse than Bourbon St

by Sean Goff | September 28, 2012

You know things are bad when the refs get an ovation. Yes, 50,000 fans cheered on Thursday night before the Baltimore Ravens beat the Cleveland Browns 23-16 to welcome the officials back. But the lockout is now over, the pension row is sorted, and peace and love is back in the NFL. For the moment. Paddy helped by refunding on one of the worst calls in NFL history.

The boys from the Paddy Power Sports Network (PPSN) are on hand again to deliver their insight on this weekend’s big NFL TV games.

And we can still get unpredictability this weekend. The Packers and the Patriots, the two pre-season favourites, are staring down the barrel of 1-3 starts. 

NFL special

Sky’s Sunday night 6pm game is the New England Patriots are at the Buffalo Bills while the New Orleans Saints travel to the Green Bay Packers live at 9.25pm.

STAT ATTACK: The Bills’ Ryan Fitzpatrick might be a Harvard man but all those brains are doing him no good. He’s 3-11 against the AFC East throwing 26 interceptions and has been sacked 32 times.

STAT ATTACK: The only thing that stinks worse than Bourbon Street at 2am is the Saints’ defence. They’re Ranked last in the NFL giving up 215 rushing yards and 477 total yards per game.

Monday night sees the reigning champions the New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles on Channel 4 at 01.30.

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