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Live text commentary on Ryder Cup 2012 and the Premier League {Click here}

by Josh Powell | September 29, 2012

FOR SEVE: The Paddy Power planes take to the skies just after 1.30pm #GOEUROPE

The Paddy Power Blog brings you live text commentary from all the action at Medinah in the 2012 Ryder Cup including our sky tweets stunt! We’re also bring you updates from all the Premier League games this afternoon! #GOEUROPE

UPDATE: Collection of Paddy Power’s best Ryder Cup Sky Tweets here.

Ryder Cup 2012

USA 8-4 Europe

Webb Simpson and Bubba Watson v Justin Rose and Ian Poulter – Rose/Poulter win 1 up
Keegan Bradley and Phil Mickelson v Lee Westwood and Luke Donald – Bradley/Mickelson win 7 and 6
Jason Dufner and Zach Johnson v Sergio Garcia and Nicolas Colsaerts – Dufner/Johnson win 2 and 1
Brandt Snedeker and Jim Furyk v Graeme McDowell and Rory McIlroy – Furyk/Snedeker win 1 up

Premier League

12.45pm FT Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea – Gervinho 42 – Torres 20, Mata 53,
3.00pm  FT Everton 3-1 Southampton – Osman 25, Jelavic 32, 38 – Ramirez 6
3.00pm FT Fulham 1-2 Manchester City – Petric (pen) 10 – Aguero 43, Dzeko 87
3.00pm FT Norwich 1-5 Liverpool – Suarez 2, 37, 55, Sahin 47, Gerrard 68 – Morison 60, Holt 87
3.00pm FTReading 2-2 Newcastle – Kebe 58, Hunt 62 – Ba 59, 83
3.00pm FT Stoke 2-0 Swansea – Crouch 12, 36
3.00pm FT Sunderland 1-0 Wigan – Fletcher 51,
5.30pm Manchester United 0-2 Tottenham – Vertonghen 2, Bale 32


6.19pm: That’s it. It’s all over. After the foursomes on day two USA lead 8-4. Ian Poulter and Justin Rose the only pair to win this afternoon. Not a great afternoon for Europe but they’re still in with a chance #GOEUROPE

6.17pm: McIlroy was close but it’s not close enough to drop. The Americans can two putt this to win and Snedeker is about to step up.

6.14pm: Ah it’s not good enough from McDowell. If Rory McIlroy makes this putt it will be the shot of the tournament.

6.11pm: A cracking shot from Furyk to make the green and Europe will have to make three here to win the hole. McDowell has to give Rory a chance with this approach.

6.08pm: McIlroy is in a considerably better position on the final hole here with Furyk having to play this second shot out of the sand. This is an incredibly important hole.

6.04pm: He’s missed. Not by much but it means that they can’t win the match. McIlroy and McDowell need to win the 18th to take a crucial half point.

6.02pm: Snedeker doesn’t make the putt and now McIlroy can send them to the final hole all square.

5.57pm: A great tee shot from McDowell and the pressure is well and truly on the Americans now. It’s a good shot but not as good and McIlroy has the chance to heap the pressure on if he makes this put for a birdie.

5.53pm: It’s another point for the USA as Dufner and Johnson beat Sergio Garcia and Nicolas Colsaerts but McIlroy and McDowell are back to within one point with two to play. McDowell will have to make sure he doesn’t make the same mistake Colsaerts did.

5.49pm: Disaster. After reducing the lead to one Colsaerts puts his tee shot into the water on the 17th. A nightmare for the European team.

5.46pm: BOOM! An incredible putt from Sergio Garcia and there is a huge fist pump on one knee. This is far from over! #GOEUROPE

5.40pm: McDowell has a chance to close to within one but he isn’t even close. Three holes remaining and the Americans are two ahead.

5.37pm: The score is 6-4 to the Americans overall but there are still two games in action here. What can the lads out on the course do to change that score on the final few holes?

5.35pm: He misses! #GOEUROPE

5.35pm: An incredible shot by Rose and he comes so close to winning the hole. At worst he has a half point. Webb Simpson now has the chance to halve the match. If he misses Europe win.

5.33pm: Colsaerts has come so close there to winning that hole but he can’t find yesterday’s form and the hole is halved.

5.27pm: Furyk holds his nerve to halve the hole. McIlroy and McDowell are two down with four to play. On the final hole Bubba Watson has hit an incredible second shot right at the pin under huge pressure. Can Poulter respond? #GOEUROPE

5.25pm: Europe are starting to play really well now. Sergio Garcia on the fifteenth and Rory McIlroy on the fourteenth both with excellent approach shots.

5.22pm: Simpson hits a cracking tee shot straight down the fairway. Justin Rose also cracks a belting shot off the tee but it takes a wicked bounce and has ended up in the rough. How is your bottle? #GOEUROPE

5.20pm: Dufner and Johnson move on to the fifteenth with a two shot lead. Pressure is on Sergio Garcia and Nicolas Colsaerts now. Ian Poulter and Justin Rose are heading to the final tee with a one shot lead #GOEUROPE

5.09pm: He’s missed it. The lead is only one point now.

5.08pm: Justin Rose has the chance to save it here and half the hole. This has to go in.

5.05pm: Rose and Poulter are in danger of throwing away a shot here. Rose doesn’t make the green and Poulter rolls it pretty close to the flag but the advantage is with Bubba and Simpson.

5.01pm: Rory comes close to a birdie but as they leave the thirteenth Snedeker and Furyk are still 2 up.

4.55pm: America are still leading and team Europe are running out of holes to change things here. The next few holes could be pivotal in deciding where the Ryder Cup heads this year #GOEUROPE 

4.42pm: And there it is. Some cracking work by the American team on the tricky twelve and now the scoreboard is looking dangerously red in colour.

4.37pm: Don’t look now but Colsaerts and Garcia are in a bit of trouble on the twelve hole. It’s a very difficult pin and Johnson and Dufner have the advantage now as they look to take the lead.

4.30pm: Phil Mickelson is really happy with the way Keegan Bradley has played over the first two days at the Medinah.

4.28pm: Watson really puts some whack behind those shots, he covers some incredible distance but he’s in the sand and it’s a 30+ yard bunker shot for Simpson. Can Poulter and Rose take advantage?

4.20pm: Here come Europe! Colsearts with a cracking putt to level up that match after the eleventh hole and the momentum is swinging. Europe could win the other three games here #GOEUROPE

4.18pm: Nightmare for Donald and Westwood and that match is over. An incredible performance from the American pair of Bradley and Mickelson. Bradley/Mickelson win 7 and 6.

4.08pm: How do you spell USA? @joshadams75 has spotted some more fine work from our Paddy Power planes! #GOEUROPE

4.06pm: BOOM! What a recovery from Poulter. A stunning put from the edge of the green to go two up. Suck on that Uncle Sam #GOEUROPE

4.03pm: Well it’s not in the water! Just. Rose plays out of the hazard and gets it to the edge of the green. It’s a good recovery but will it be enough? It could be. Webb Simpson makes an error but Bubba chips up to the flag very nicely. It could still go either well on that hole. #GOEUROPE

3.59pm: Bubba Watson is in trouble but manages to get his second shot out of some rough. Poulter has a great chance to take advantage but it looks like he’s put it into the water! An awful shot.

3.55pm: He misses! Donald and Westwood are still six down with seven to play.

3.54pm: It’s just not happening for Westwood and Donald and now after some great play from Mickelson, Bradley has the chance to win the eleventh with a birdie…

3.48pm: Colsaerts has found his putting form from yesterday but Dufner matches him and the ninth is halved. That could have gone either way and Colsaerts and Sergio Garcia will be heading to the tenth with a bit more confidence after that hole.

3.45pm: Tough putt coming up for Ian Poulter to half the eleventh hole. It’s there. Cue a massive double-fist pump from Poulter. Straight down the middle, didn’t touch the edges. Great putt.

3.43pm: Some incredible golf from Keegan Bradley and Phil Mickelson. Despite the best efforts of Westwood and Donald the American pair are now six up.

3.41pm: Rose puts a delightful approach shot a few yards away from the pin. Team Europe are starting to move through the gears now after a blinding start by the American lads.

3.37pm: There’s some blue on the leaderboard! Poulter and Rose are one up through 10. #GOEUROPE

3.35pm: This is when the European team need your help! Get your messages of support in for the boys and we’ll write the best ones in the sky! #GOEUROPE

3.27pm: Phil Mickelson and Keegan Bradley are in inspired form and they go five up after the front nine.

3.24pm: Luke Donald misses the chance for a birdie and it’s not quite happening for the Donald/Westwood combination.

3.18pm: BOOM! Great putt from Poulter and it’s all square in match one after the front nine #GOEUROPE

3.12pm: The Paddy Power planes are at it again with their sky tweets! Tiger loves a bit of rough #GOEUROPE

3.10pm: Huge putt from Snedeker on the fifth and McIlroy and McDowell are two down.

3.07pm: Rose misses a putt for par but fortunately, from a similar range, Simpson also misses the cup. #GOEUROPE

3.05pm: Mickelson holes it and this is getting worse for Westwood and Donald. The Americans go four up.

3.01pm: All the 3.00pm games have kicked off in the Premier League. Europe are struggling and that leader board is all red. Mickelson has a great chance to put himself and Bradley four up through seven.

2.56pm: We might be losing but at least our team has better hair! #GOEUROPE

2.54pm: Solid putt from McDowell to half the fourth. This is a scrap now for the European team. Don’t let the American side gain any more momentum.

2.52pm: Bad news for Poulter who ends up in the bunker to plenty of whoops and jeers from the American crowd. Poor form from the Yanks. #GOEUROPE

2.47pm: Luke Donald and Lee Westwood scrapping away but they are really struggling to keep up. Bradley/Mickelson 3 up

2.42pm: It’s all over at the Emirates and a huge three points for Chelsea who win 2-1! A massive result for the blues who stay top of the table.

2.40pm: Poor from Europe. Garcia has a chip to win the hole but it is far too short. Colsearts then misses a straightforward putt and Dufner and Johnson go 2 up.

2.37pm: Some great work from Poulter and Rose to make sure the 6th hole is halved #GOEUROPE

2.35pm: The American team should be getting worried now McIlroy has got himself warmed up. Rory’s gonna getcha! #GOEUROPE

2.33pm: Team Europe are loving our sky tweets but they need to up their game! #GOEUROPE

2.31pm: Poulter and Rose are under pressure and struggling. Bubba Watson’s drives are ridiculously long.

2.26pm: After Rory’s tee shot McDowell misses the birdie putt but thankfully Jim Furyk pops up with one of the worst putts you’ll see this weekend in response. We got away with one there and the hole is halved.

2.24pm: Watson and Simpson two-putt on the sixth and now Europe are behind in all four games. They need our support! #GOEUROPE

2.23pm: Snedeker is not far away from a hole in one on the second and McIlroy responds with a brilliant shot of his own.

2.15pm: Mickelson was millimetres away from a 15 foot birdie putt to go three up but Europe survive. Luke Donald holds his nerve to get the halve.

2.08pm: Dufner knocks in a birdie on the second after a great tee shot from Johnson and they go ahead. Dufner/Johnson 1 up.

2.05pm: Come on G-MAC! The final match has teed off and McDowell is in the bunker but the lie doesn’t look too bad for when Rory steps up. Jim Furyk has tonked one down the fairway.

2.02pm: Jose looked on in admiration for our Seve tribute but he has no idea who it was writing messages in the sky. Rory McIlroy had a good old giggle at our ‘Has anyone seen Tiger?’ sky tweet! #GOEUROPE

2.00pm: Here comes Rory and G-Mac towards the first tee. Business is about to pick up! #GOEUROPE

1.57pm: GOAL! Mata scores and Chelsea lead 2-1!

1.55pm: Some good work by Watson and Simpson and they level the match on the third hole. Poulter missed a 12 foot putt for the halve.

1.53pm: Rory McIlroy is having a good laugh at our Paddy Power sky tweets! Rory’s gonna getcha. Has anyone seen Tiger? #GOEUROPE

1.52pm: Colsaerts on the first hits a belting drive down the fairway in match three before Dufner pings one down a bit further. Things are heating up in Medinah!

1.50pm: Rory’s gonna getcha! #GOEUROPE

1.47pm: Westwood has put it into the drink on the second after a good tee shot from Mickelson. Not a great start for Westwood and Donald.

1.45pm: Paddy Power have got the Americans worried! Bubba Watson misses a put to square up the match on the second and as they make their way to the third Poulter/Rose are still 1 up.

1.42pm: Mickelson and Bradley picking up where they left off yesterday with some lovely work on the first. Pressure is on Luke Donald who wasn’t far away with his birdie put but it’s advantage USA. Bradley/Mickelson 1 up. 

1.38pm: Tribute to Seve from Paddy Power

1.34pm: A cracking second shot from Justin Rose sets up Poulter for the birdie and it is followed with a fist pump and a huge ‘Come On!’. Poulter/Rose 1 up! #GOEUROPE

1.31pm: The first of our sky tweets has landed! Do it for Seve #GOEUROPE

1.27pm: GOAL! Gervinho swivels and hits a cracking volley past a helpless Cech. 1-1 at the Emirates!

1.25pm: There is a belting atmosphere on the first tee and Ian Poulter gees up the European support and conducts a brilliant ‘Ole Ole Ole’ chant. The Americans respond with some out-of-time USA chant. Unfortunately Poulter then pings the ball into the bunker. Bubba Watson steps up and knocks one a touch further into the rough but both should be just fine from there. It’s an electric atmosphere in Chicago and Europe lead 1-0 on chants.

1.17pm: The Paddy Power planes are in the skies and we are just minutes away from the start of day two at Medinah! #GOEUROPE

1.12pm: GOAL! Chelsea have taken the lead after a lovely finish from Fernando Torres. The Spaniard hooks his foot around Vermaelen to volley a free kick in to the back of the net. He then reverts back to his usual self and bottles a one-on-one about three minutes later. Chelsea well on top.

1.03pm: Just under 20 minutes away from the start of day two of the Ryder Cup at the Medinah Club in Illinois where USA lead Europe 5-3. Meanwhile we’re over 15 minutes into the London derby at the Emirates where Arsenal host Chelsea and it is still 0-0.

Brace yourselves. This is going to be an incredible afternoon of sport! #GOEUROPE

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