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BREAKING NEWS: Paddy Power wins fight to sky tweet on Sunday

by Josh Powell | September 30, 2012
CHICAGO BLUES: Politician Peter Roskam wants Paddy's pilots arrested

CHICAGO BLUES: Politician Peter Roskam wants Paddy’s pilots arrested

A furious political battle has raged behind the scenes as sports fans lapped up three glorious days of golf highlighted by heavenly sky tweeting from Paddy Power.

Illinois Congressman Peter Roskam went on a one-man crusade to bring an immediate end to Paddy Power’s Ryder Cup sky writing initiative.

Roskam, a member of the Republican Party, threatened legal action on Sunday to prevent Paddy Power continuing the sky tweets today – going as far as to suggest that the pilots themselves may be arrested.

Paddy Power took to the clouds above the Medinah Country Club on Saturday to deliver the world’s first ‘sky tweet’ campaign in support of Team Europe at the tournament. We relayed a series of cheeky messages including ‘God wants Europe to win’, ‘Do it for Seve’ and ‘Anyone seen Tiger?

In response, congressman Roskam’s secretary contacted a regional airport stating that our pilots would be met by the local authorities should they fly again.

Subsequently, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) stated they received a complaint regarding offensive sky-writing from an unspecified congressman and that a congressional inquiry would be started.  However, all that has been levelled at the pilots so far is a paperwork technicality as a thin reason as to why the planes may be stopped from delivering messages over Medinah today.

But at 4pm on Sunday, Paddy Power got the all-clear to take to the skies again.

Roskam’s actions were at odds with Team USA captain Davis Love III who commented last night:

Hey, it’s working good for us; we keep winning holes. I’m just disappointed that they stopped, because if they’d have kept doing it all afternoon, maybe our roll would have kept going

Millions of Ryder Cup viewers enjoyed clips of the witty sky-writing at regular intervals of Saturday’s television coverage – with the campaign trending on Twitter for most of the day. Paddy Power’s twitter feed (@paddypower) called on European supporters to submit messages with the hashtag ‘#GoEurope’, a selection of which were ‘sky-written’ by stunt pilots flying at 10,000ft in the world’s first Twitter campaign of its kind.

Paddy Power will continue the sky-writing campaign for Sunday’s final day of play. Paddy received over 2000 messages yesterday in response to the call-out for supportive tweets. Paddy Power said: ‘The congressman seems be to suffering from an incredible sense of humour failure.  Maybe he got a knock on the head from one of Tiger’s wayward golf balls yesterday!”

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