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GIF of the day: AVB’s electrifying fist pump

by Josh Powell | September 30, 2012

Coming away from Old Trafford with three points is always cause for celebration, but when you win there for the first time in over two decades it requires a special reaction.

Tottenham managed to hold off a Manchester United come-back and seal a thrilling 3-2 victory to lift them to fifth in the table. Cue Andre Villas-Boas and the best fist-pumping you’ll see for a long time.

You can forget the half-hearted Ryder Cup fist-pumps, or the Andy Murray gritted-teeth fist-pump, this is how you do it.

Start off with the double fist-pump to warm up before launching maniacally into a one-armed full-throttle fisting, finishing with a manic look in your eyes that makes people think you might actually eat your own arm.

AVB, the Paddy Power Blog applauds you. A fantastic effort.

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