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VIDEO: How we filled the Ryder Cup sky with tweets of support

by Rob Dore | October 1, 2012

You sent us your tweets of support for team Europe and we emblazoned them across the Chicago sky in huge white letters made of smoke. As is the Paddy Power way.

We’re not saying that our Sky-Tweets (this phrase has been copyrighted) made the crucial difference on an amazing final day of drama in the 2012 Ryder Cup but we’re smugly thinking it.

Rory McIlroy described the stunt as “so cool”, a phrase we’re reliably informed is used in only extreme cases of coolness by the youth of today.

Here’s Paddy explaining how the whole process worked.

Click here for an incredible 360 degree image of the Paddy Power Ryder Cup tweets above the Medinah County Club




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