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Prince Harry says thanks but no pants to Paddy Power

by Josh Powell | October 9, 2012

After Prince Harry’s naked frolicking in Las Vegas Paddy Power tried to help our favourite royal by sending him one pair of Paddy Power Lucky Pants to cover his crown jewels and retain his privacy in future. More importantly, Paddy wanted Prince Harry to wear a pair of Lucky Pants for charity.

The prince, who clearly doesn’t need our pants to land ladies, humbly decided it would be in everyone’s best interests to send back the Lucky Pants (unworn) and spread the luck somewhere it was needed more.

St James’s Palace, on behalf of Prince Harry, wrote Paddy Power this lovely letter expressing that he was unable to comply with our charity request.

I am sorry to send you such a disappointing reply, but thank you so much for considering Prince Harry for this charitable endeavour

Obviously, Paddy is disappointed not to see His Royal Highness prancing around in green undies but the 27-year-old soldier is still far and away our favourite member of the royal family.

Prince Harry is a 33/1 shot to be publicly confirmed as Cheryl Cole’s next boyfriend. Who knows how much those odds would have shortened if a pair of lucky pants had graced his nether regions.

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