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VIDEO: CM Punk lays the smack down on an innocent fan

by Josh Powell | October 10, 2012

CM Punk has made a name for himself in the WWE with a finishing move called ‘Go To Sleep’. And it was almost lights out for one innocent fan this week who found himself on the end of a mighty couple of punches from the wrestling superstar.

The Champ had made his way into the fan area as part of the show before receiving a fair bit of abuse from some fans, presumably for that ridiculous moustache or his tattoo of the Pepsi logo.

Either way Punk did not take kindly to being on the end of a few shoves and a dig to the kidneys, so responded in the only way a professional wrestler should. By turning around and giving a massive bald guy a sharp backhand and then a cheeky right jab to the jaw.

In some ways it served the fan right. Admittedly he wasn’t the one that provoked Punk but anyone who tries to wear sunglasses indoors is probably fair game to getting a smack in the chops.

Since the incident the fan supposedly responsible for pushing CM Punk over the edge has revealed himself. His name is Dario Teyes and he has taken to twitter to share his hilarious story with good pal @YCDannyBoy.


Now unfortunately I’m not ‘cool’ enough to decipher exactly what he’s saying here but it is pretty clear that he is very proud of making the WWE Champ snap.

CM Punk has apologised for his actions and the WWE have said that they regret not having the proper security set up in place.

‘Other than this isolated incident, WWE always provides proper security to ensure the safety of our fans and our performers’.


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