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Your chance to win a Free Bet or some horrible sweets

by Aidan Elder | October 16, 2012

***************THIS COMPETITON IS NOW CLOSED***************

Not for the first time. I was a little bit negligent in getting back to queries in the comments sections. And by ‘little bit’ I mean ‘totally’. Sorry about that, but I spent much of last week fighting off an unexplained illness, the source of which is a complete mystery. I was working away, I had a handful of those raw mango sweets and suddenly I was laid low for a few days. What a mystery.

Anyway, the answer to last week’s competition is Garth Crooks – former Stoke, Tottenham, Manchester United, West Brom and Charlton player and current BBC pundit responsible for selecting the Comedy Team of the Week. Granted it’s not meant to be a comedy team of the week, but it regularly makes me laugh. Particularly when he tips 25 times capped Scotland international, James Morrison for an England call-up.

The winner is regular blog competition ‘chancing his arm’-er, Gary Watson. He wins a Free £56 Bet. Sorry it’s not more Gary, but for some reason people weren’t in the mood for social media sharing this week. I blame the decline of good manners and subsequent breakdown of civil society.

The ‘honour’ of worst guess goes to Jon Baxter. He was the first person to guess at Nicolas Anelka. That’s the Nicolas Anelka who has played for clubs in France, Spain, Turkey and most recently China – all locations not contained within the confines of good old Blighty. For his terrible guess, Jon ‘wins’ the remainder of the raw mango flavoured sweets that I brought back from India although I’d recommend keeping them as a souvenir of my trip rather than actually consuming them. Bad luck, Dave Quinlan, but if this report is to be believed, your tardiness may have in fact saved your life.


I’ve been away for a while. I spent the last couple of weeks in the New Mexico desert preparing for the the world’s highest ever skydive. I did all the maths, got all my specialised equipment and training took my balloon to about 130,000ft above sea level and just as I was about to jump, someone told me some Austrian guy did it the day before. Damn you Baumgartner! Still though, until he learns how to conceal 42 types of fruit around his body cavities I know I’ll always have at least one mention in the glorious book of world records.

Anyway, there’s been no Whose Career Is It Anyway? for the last couple of weeks. Actually, it looks like there’s been not much of anything for the last couple of weeks. It’s back and although Advertising Standards forbid me from claiming it’s ‘better than ever’, it’s certainly no worse than it was before. That’s a guarantee.

As ever, it’s easier than getting an irregular heartbeat from consuming too many cans of a well-known sports energy drink.

  • Look at the flags on the map below
  • Figure out which clubs they relate to
  • Find out which player played for those clubs
  • Send in your answer
  • Pray you’re the only correct answer or you’ll be lucky enough to be drawn out of out hat

There is a reason for picking this week’s player in relation to the weekend’s football, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a ‘topical’ reason, but anyone mildly interested in football should have heard of this person. He’s not exactly obscure. As usual, the flags in the map relate to EVERY CLUB this player has played for in his senior career – including loans. Best of luck.

Competition: Whose Career Is It Anyway?

Send your answer to with the subject line ‘Vodka and caffeine-laced sports energy drink, please’. Or don’t, it doesn’t really make any difference to your entry.

DON’T PUT YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION – you’ll only be helping an opponent and giving me license to take the piss out of you. You’re allowed more than one guess, but you’re clever and probably won’t need it.

The prize starts off as a €/£50 Free Bet, but will grow by one euro or pound for every time this tweet gets retweeted:

Or alternatively, every time this competition gets shared on Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn. That should boost the fund rather substantially and you might win that prize, so you should definitely do it. In the event we get more than one correct answer, the winner shall be drawn from my hat of mystery.

This week, there’s a booby prize for the worst guess. Normally ‘Robbie Keane’ is the standard worst guess, but I want more imagination than that. This prize is an opened, but still surprisingly full packet of ‘unusual’ Indian sweets I brought home from my holidays. To say they haven’t been a hit around the office is an understatement. This might explain why:

Get your answers in before 10am on Tuesday October 23 and I’ll announce the winners soon after. You can use the comments section for begging for clues or general observations on life, but NO ANSWERS please. If you want to contact me, you can do so using the Twitter machine where I’m @PaddyPowerAidan.

– Customers must be over the age of 18, have a valid account and remember a time when it wasn’t suspicious that Jimmy Saville hung around with all those kids.
– Maximum size of the free bet will be €/£150.
– Paddy Power decision is final and moaning will be gleefully ridiculed in public.

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