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VIDEO: What? Is that Emile Heskey? Scoring!?

by Aidan Elder | October 21, 2012

How many thoughts is it possible to have in the duration of a five second YouTube clip?
Well, rather a lot, especially when that clip involves an improbable piece of skill from Emile Heskey, currently looking like less of a laughing stock down in Australia’s A-League.

Here’s a moment of skill from Leicester’s ninth greatest export, quickly followed by a return to form as he loses control of the ball and it runs free to a team-mate.

The thoughts you may experience over the next five or seconds include:
– Why am I watching badly filmed A-League?
– Is that Emile Heskey?
– Wow! Wasn’t expecting that. He’s brilliant.
– Nope, that’s more like it.

Chuckle we may and indeed will, but Heskey has been among the goals since arriving in Australia. He’s scored twice in three appearance for the Newcastle Jets, even scoring what turned out to be the winner against Central Coast Mariners on Saturday. Well, we say ‘scoring’ but really it was ‘not screwing up after a team-mate did all the hard work’. Judging by the ‘Am I being mugged?’ face Heskey makes when mobbed by his celebrating team-mates, it’s a feeling he’s forgotten over the last few years.


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