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GIF: Want to see a Panda swing like a hero?

by Paddy Power Admin | October 25, 2012

Pablo Sandoval led the San Francisco Giants to a World Series Game One victory over the Detroit Tigers on Wednesday night.

Sandoval, also known as Kung Fu Panda, became just the fourth player in baseball history to hit three homers in a single World Series game.

Pablo Sandoval
GIF one: Pablo Sandoval hits one of his home runs against the Detroit Tigers on Wednesday night

Verlander reaction
GIF two: The Tigers’ Justin Verlander can’t quite get his head around it, as demonstrated by this ‘wow’ reaction.

Pablo Sandoval vs cake
GIF three: Here’s why. Sandoval hit just 12 home runs in whole of the regular season, and was previously immortalised in this ‘cake GIF’.

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