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Paddy Power Premier League app for Windows 8

by Aidan Elder | November 6, 2012

By Aidan Elder

I’ve four words for you. I. LOVE. TECH. UPDATES.
Possibly not as much as Steve Ballmer, but a good bit nonetheless.

There’s every chance will see Ballmer bouncing around the stage like a wheezy middle-aged nerd in the near future because it’s been a momentous week for technology. After saying goodbye to Ceefax, we finally taught Paddy Power how to use a fax machine. And it gets more momentous-er-er.

On Friday, October 26, Microsoft launches its latest attempt to make Bill Gates even richer. The company that gave the world Internet Explorer, Word and that other one that looked like Excel but wasn’t is launching Windows 8.

It’s a radical departure from the Windows packages of old, the ones that have looked vaguely similar since Minesweeper was considered the height of computer gaming.

As ever, our technological brains trust is all over it. They’ve been looking forward to this day because they’ve been working on a brand spanking new Paddy Power Premier League app for use on the Windows 8 platform. It’s similar to the Premier League app we have available for the iPhone, but it’s for Windows 8.

If you want to get this incredibly useful and incredibly free app, it’s really easy – once you’ve got your hands on a machine running Windows 8. Simply go to the Windows Store (you’ll find it on your fancy new looking screen), type ‘Paddy Power’ into the search bar and hey presto, it should appear right before your very eyes.

Or if that all seems a little laborious, you could just click on this image which takes you there quicker.

That’s enough about Microsoft because it’s time to blow our own trumpets again. The Paddy Power Premier League Windows 8 app is pretty awesome and not just because we refuse to make any ‘app’ based puns in promoting it.

  • It’s the quickest way to get all the latest Premier League odds and information on your Windows 8 device. It’ll go on your Start Screen to make sure the latest betting and results are never more than a cheeky finger away. Yes, we know how that sounded, but you can use it as a touch screen so we can get away with it.

Another snazzy feature is that the app will work with Snap View. That’s the functionality Microsoft has for running two apps on the one screen at the same time. That means you can peruse all the latest odds whilst running another app, for example using Word to write down all the swear words you’ve invented to describe Ashley Cole.

It might be a while before you come into contact with Windows 8 so maybe this won’t affect you in the short term. But whenever you do get a chance to have a play with Bill Gates’ latest license to print money, remember Paddy Power and then remember the Premier League app.

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