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Dear Deirdre and the Andy Carroll fantasy

by Aidan Elder | November 10, 2012

We’re morally bankrupt enough around the Paddy Power Blog team not condemn most sexual fetishes as long it’s not hurting anyone.

‘You like to do what with the vacuum cleaner? Sure, fine – just don’t offer to hoover the office’
‘You can only reach orgasm by listening to Victoria Beckham’s solo music? Out of your mind, indeed.’
‘You Kerry Katona sexually attractive? Ugggh – you need help.’

This might be the weirdest of the lot. The Dear Deirdre page – the home for some of the world’s most made-up troubling Agony Aunt problems had to field this one from a 22 year old woman with a thing for long-hairded, misfiring strikers.

Don’t anonymous writer, you’re not alone. Liverpool fans have been fantasising Andy Carroll might actually turn out to be a £35 million striker and that’s not worked out very well for them.

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