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Chelsea v Liverpool – as it happened

by Aidan Elder | November 11, 2012

It’s our second helping of Super Sunday goodness of the day and the story is similar to the first one. Chelsea will be looking to close the gap on Manchester United, whilst Liverpool will be desperate to prove the Rodgers Revolution is actually working.

Chelsea’s form isn’t rock solid, but it’s been better than the Reds. That said, Liverpool have got the better of the Pensioners for the last couple of seasons in the league.

I’ll be here to keep you up to date with all the latest going-ons on from Stamford Bridge. If you fancy chipping in, you can do so via the comments section below.

Full Time
Chelsea 1 – 1 Liverpool




5.55pm: FULL TIME! The final whistle goes and in the end, Liverpool finished the stronger. Overall however, a point feels about fair.

The league table tells us Liverpool are not as good as Stoke and Chelsea are four points better than Everton.

5.54pm: The Man of the Match gets a chance to win it for Liverpool. Suarez plays him in on the left, but his shot is to Cech’s near post and he keeps it out at the expense of a corner that comes to nothing.

5.52pm: Niall Quinn announces that Jose Enrique is the Man of the Match. People just take you more seriously when you shave you head. Where would Tom Hanks’s career be now without his role in Philadelphia? I’ll tell ya – the Australian outback perving on Helen Flanagan.

5.51pm: Hazard has a decent shot. It’s not the worst of attempts, but don’t forget this is match the featured the striking talents of Fernando Torres.

There will be four minutes of added time to snatch a winner the other side will argue they didn’t deserve.

5.48pm: Ivanovic gets his head on a corner and the effort goes over the Liverpool crossbar, but not by much. At the other end, Suarez is played in, tries to round Cech, but the Chelsea goalkeeper sticks a leg out and the danger is averted.

5.47pm: Suarez tries to lob Petr Cech from about 50 yards out and right on the touchline. It’s a crazy attempt, but in fairness Cech has to deal with it.

5.45pm: Some nice play from Liverpool creates a chance for Suso. From about 12 yards out, he scoops his half chance harmlessly wide. Well, it was harmless as long as you were paying attention behind the goal.

5.42pm: SUB! Chelsea’s final change and Fernando Torres’ run of not scoring against his old club continues. Daniel Sturridge takes his place.

5.39pm: BOOKING! John Obi Mikel gets booked for a supposed tackle on Suso.

Luis Suarez goes down when fouled by Ivanovic, but Howard Webb thinks he’s being conned so doesn’t give the free kick.

5.37pm: SUB! Change number two for Chelsea. Oscar comes off and Victor Moses makes his entrance.

5.36pm: 15 minutes to go. The odds are looking a lot more promising for Liverpool now:

Chelsea 2/1; Draw 8/11; Liverpool 9/2

5.33pm: GOAL! LIVERPOOL! Suarez gives Liverpool a goal they didn’t look likely to get. Steven Gerrard takes the corner, Jamie Carragher flicks it on and Suarez heads in from about two yards out. More bad defending a set piece. Someone should really listen to Jamie Redknapp’s explanation of zonal marking.

5.32pm: Hmmm. Didi Hamann isn’t impressed with one of Liverpool’s substitutes so far:

5.27pm: YELLOW CARD! Steven Gerrard swings a leg at the ball and catches Oscar instead. A bad attempt at a kick and an even worse attempt a tackle.

From the resulting free-kick, Jones deflects the ball onto John Obi Mikel and the ball squirms wide.

5.24pm: Bertrand is released down the left wing by a great pass from Juan Mata. Fernando Torres just fails to knock the ball goalwards.

5.20pm: SUB! Brendan Rodgers makes his first change. Sahin is called ashore and Suso comes on. Liverpool’s quota of boyband good looks remains the same, but they should now have more attacking threat from midfield.

5.17pm: From the resulting free-kick, Torres gets a good header on goal. Brad Jones makes an instinctive save and the danger passes when Howard Webb stops play to allow Steven Gerrard get a bit of the magic sponge.

5.16pm: YELLOW CARD! Andre Wisdom sees yellow for a sort of body check on Oscar. It’s the right call, but Howard Webb got away with a similar one in the first half.

5.14pm: Mata has a decent effort from long range. His shot drifts narrowly wide of the Liverpool goal.

5.12pm: Howard Webb gives a free against Luis Suarez for some reason. Maybe he saw the picture of that mullet. It’s going towards the count.

5.11pm: Much to everyone’s surprise, Liverpool successfully defend a corner. Five minutes into the second half and the odds are:

Chelsea 1/4; Draw 4/1; Liverpool 11/1

5.10pm: YELLOW CARD! Joe Allen loses the ball again and in his haste to get it back, he takes down Fernando Torres and goes into the book.

5.06pm: The second half starts with Chelsea kicking off. There have been no changes other than John Terry going off.

4.58pm: Jamie Redknapp: ‘When you’re zonal marking, you are marking that zone’.
He’s the gift that just keeps on giving!

4.51pm: HALF TIME! Howard Webb blows it up and although it’s not the worst of Liverpool performances, they’re coughing up too many good chances to win this. Brendan Rodgers has plenty to work on in the next 15 minutes.

4.50pm: A glorious chance for Juan Mata. Liverpool slip up in midfield, giving the ball to Mata. He runs forward and Jonny Wilkinson’s it when 18 yards out with just the keeper to beat.

4.46pm: Five minutes of injury time, mainly for the Terry injury. Not long after, Wisdom makes a mistake and nearly hands Chelsea a gilf-edged chance. Jones comes out quickly to snuff out the danger.

4.40pm: SUB! After treatment and momentarily thinking he might be alright, Terry is carried off and Cahill is introduced.

4.36pm: OUCH! John Terry goes down injured and it looks serious. I haven’t seen him hit the deck that quickly since he heard Wayne Bridge put the key in the front door.

A flailing Luis Suarez fell into his knee and could well have done some serious damage. The stretcher is out and Gary Cahill is about to come on.

4.31pm: Sahin has a shot, but it’s not very good. Niall Quinn patronisingly says ‘it’s an attempt’ which tells you all you need to know about it’s level of threat.

4.30pm: A couple of weeks ago, Gareth Bale missed a game because of the birth his child. If Raheem Sterling operates the same policy, Liverpool will hardly ever see him:

4.28pm: Hazard drives from midfield and tees up Torres. The Spaniard gets his shot on target, but it’s straight at Jones who parries it away. Hazard fails to score from the rebound.

4.25pm: A fine bodycheck by Howard Webb on Ramires gets Liverpool moving forward. Sadly for Liverpool, Daniel Agger thinks he can beat Petr Cech from the guts of 40 yards out, a belief that’s proven incorrect as his shot sails high into the stands.

4.21pm: GOAL! 1-0 CHELSEA! Terrible defending from Liverpool, but a good header from John Terry. Brendan Rodgers’ men allow the Chelsea defender the freedom of the penalty area and he directs his header beyond the not very effective attempted save of Brad Jones.

4.15pm: Oh, that’s nasty stuff from Luis Suarez. No excuse for that.

Would you call it a mullet? It’s long hair, but it also looks like a mullet. It’s not good either way.

4.12pm: Niall Quinn says ‘You’d hope Luis Suarez stays fit til January’. Cue Suarez limping off injured before 20 minutes.

4.10pm: Right. I’ve also keeping a ‘Wisdom’ pun count. That’s one. Come on Martin Tyler, you’re better than that.

4.07pm: Great chance for Chelsea. Joe Allen gets mugged (not literally) in front of the Liverpool defence. Chelsea work it to Oscar who puts his shot over from about 16 yards out. It was a good chance and he really should have at least the target.

4.06pm: Petr Cech is called into action. He punches away a cross that wasn’t very good anyway.

4.04pm: Daniel Agger surges forward and goes down in the penalty area. In fairness, it’s not a foul and he doesn’t appeal for a penalty, but surely there’s some way we can blame Luis Suarez.

4.01pm: The minutes silence is over and Liverpool get the game rolling.

3.54pm: The players are out from the tunnel and final preparations are being made. They players are shaking hands, the ref and the linesmen are checking the nets and most importantly, I’ve copied ‘Azpilicueta’ to my clipboard for easy pasting.

3.51pm: And with that corporate obligation out of the way, let the baiting of Torres begin.

3.50pm: We’ve got a great Money-Back Special on today’s game. If Fernando Torres scores the last goal, we will refund all losing First Goalscorer, Last Goalscorer, Correct Score and Scorecast singles on the match.

And it’s Fernando Torres – he’s brilliant. Definitely worth £50 million. How could this not happen?

3.46pm: Brendan Rodgers confirms that Liverpool will be playing with five at the back. So that means Andre Wisdom will be required to do some defending. As I said earlier, Chelsea are 10/11 to win today.

3.40pm: Chelsea haven’t beaten Liverpool at Stamford Bridge in their last three attempts. The last time it happened was over three years and about £45 million in manager severance pay ago.

They’re 10/11 to end that run today and whilst the visitors are 3/1 to keep the run going.

3.28pm: TEAM NEWS

As expected, Chelsea bring back John Terry. Bertrand starts in place of the injured Ashley Cole and the attacking midfield of Hazard, Oscar and Mata will be creating chances for Fernando Torres to waste.

Cech, Azpilicueta, Ivanovic, Terry, Bertrand, Ramires, Mikel, Hazard, Oscar, Mata, Torres

Liverpool stick with Brad Jones in goal, whilst Jamie Carragher makes another now rare start. Andre Wisdom also starts, but it doesn’t look like he’s in the back four, so it might work out ok.

Jones, Johnson, Enrique, Agger, Carragher, Wisdom, Allen, Gerrard, Sahin, Suarez, Sterling

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