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Five sportspeople doing surprisingly well at Movember

by Aidan Elder | November 22, 2012

By Aidan Elder | Chief Movember expert

Movember isn’t for everybody, it’s fair to say. For some it comes naturally (and suspiciously easily if we’re being honest – not looking at Keith Fahey in particular), whilst for others it’s a bigger struggle than sitting through an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Some sportspeople have done surprisingly well. People we hadn’t considered to be capable of a prodigious growth of facial have pulled it out of the hair follicle and come up with some beauties. Here’s a run-down of the Paddy Power Blog’s favourite, surprisingly good Movemberists.

#1 Padraig Harrington

‘Who let that tramp on the golf course?’ is no doubt a phrase that’s been heard wherever Harrington has gone through Movember. ‘No wait, it’s a hairy Padraig Harrington’ probably comes the explanation soon after. The Dubliner has always been considered nice – almost too nice to grow facial hair, but he has proven us wrong with this beauty.

#2 Michael Owen

This is surprising mainly because in our heads, Michael Owen is still a fresh-faced 17-year-old we hope avoids the bad influence and even worse suits of the Spice Boys. In actual fact, he’s a fully formed man and proudly showed off that fact by showcasing his Movember effort in the Sky Sports studio on Wednesday night.

#3 Toby Flood

Despite being 27 and having spent most of his life trying to stop bull-sized men running past him, we still see Flood as being too youthful and innocent for meaningful facial hair. How wrong we have been as his Movember attempt wouldn’t look about of place taking on Clint Eastwood in the wild west.

#4 Aaron Rodgers

The Green Bay quarter-back is both a Movember regular and a hairy man, so we’re not too surprised at the classic Mo he has managed over the last three weeks. After last year’s inspirational effort however, we are surprised he has gone for this option, which kind of makes him look like he should be campaigning for better library facilities in some US suburb.

#5 Jonny Bairstow

We’re always surprised when anyone with ginger hair opts to grow more of it. Especially after the childhood of wedgies and ridicule they were doubtless exposed to. That makes the England cricketer’s mo all the more impressive. Plus, if the cricket career doesn’t go so well, he could earn a handy living as a doppelganger for Sheamus of WWE.

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