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Twigsaw: Chelsea v Manchester City

by Josh Powell | November 24, 2012

It’s been dubbed the El Cashico, it’s Rafa Benitez’s first game in charge and if things go badly it could be Roberto Mancini’s last, it could put Chelsea seven points off the top of the league or it could be the rebirth of Fernando Torres.

Chelsea host Manchester City on Sunday and to celebrate a game of such magnitude we have created this incredible Twigsaw.

It shows you that for a goal in the Premier League this season has cost just shy of half a million pounds, the average lifespan of a manager is barely a season and with Oasis, Ricky Hatton and Michelle Keegan on side, Manchester City probably have the better celebrity fan base.

Plus there’s a cheeky bit of WAG eye candy to sweeten the deal. What more could you want from a Twigsaw on the big game?

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