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Betting: Will Lance Armstrong come clean with Oprah?

by Rob Dore | January 9, 2013

Oprah interviews Lance Armstrong

By Rob Dore | drugs

With the news that Lance Armstrong is set to be interviewed by Oprah Winfrey next week, we here at the Paddy Power Blog have been wondering just what the no-time Tour de France winner will have to say.

Personally, I think he’s going to confess. Why else would he choose such a hard-hitting, unsympathetic bulldog of a journalist like Oprah? Ahem.

Instead of asking why and how, Oprah will focus largely on the emotional turmoil he must have suffered as he used his, allegedly, falsely-created reputation to make millions from endorsements. Oh and what about his poor family? Show us some pictures of his innocent children and watch our hearts melt. Don’t make me sick.

If Armstrong does confess then he is banking on Oprah’s ability to tap into her viewer’s sympathetic sentiments to soften the backlash. If he doesn’t confess to taking performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) then he’s unlikely to have to work too hard to sidestep any tricky questions on the matter. Plus, she might give his book another push.

We, the rest of the world, deserve an apology from this beast (Armstrong, not Oprah). He hoodwinked us all in to thinking he was faster at cycling around France than anyone else in the world. Which is really important. This reprobate hurt us deeply, stripping away another layer of our ever-diminishing innocence and with it the world is a bleaker more hopeless place.

Is Oprah the woman to get this apology or will Dr Phil pop up to play the condescending bad cop? Jeremy Kyle is the real man for the job.

Paddy Power has priced-up some markets, including the number of times Lance Armstrong will say sorry, the number of times the word ‘doping’ is said, the first cliché Lance uses and the below specials.

Oprah interview betting specials from Paddy Power

  • To confess to using banned performance enhancing drugs during his cycling career 1/4
  • To cry tears during the interview 7/4
  • To deny outright that he has ever used performance enhancing drugs in any way at any time 9/4
  • To accuse another professional cyclist by name of taking performance enhancing drugs illegally 3/1
  • To be interviewed in a room with the framed yellow jerseys 3/1
  • To make an apology to Paul Kimmage during the interview 5/1
  • To wear a yellow shirt or tie 9/1
  • To jump up and down on the sofa 20/1
  • It’s Not About The Bike to be included in Oprah’s book club 25/1

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