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Five-star Lincoln is odds-on to clean up at the Oscars

by Josh Powell | January 11, 2013

Lincoln Movie Poster

By Josh Powell | Sports writer who enjoys a good film

The Oscars may still be six weeks away but the nominations are out and if the betting is to be believed it’s going to be one massive party for everyone involved with the film ‘Lincoln’.

Lincoln isn’t out for another fortnight in the UK but I’m presuming that it must be a pretty decent watch because it’s the firm favourite for four of this year’s awards and has attracted the most money in the market. If you’re in America or you’re an internet savvy criminal who knows where to look, you’ve probably already seen it and apparently it’s well worth the praise.

The awards take place on February 24th at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. That gives Daniel Day-Lewis plenty of time to perfect his winning speech where he can thank everyone from Abraham Lincoln himself, to the third cousin he rarely sees who bought him a Horrible History book on American presidents. Everybody loves a well thought out acceptance speech Danny, so short and sweet would be ideal.

MOVIES: Oscar nominations 2013

Lincoln is the 4/11 favourite to win the Best Picture Award ahead of Les Miserables and Argo which are both 6/1 in the betting. It tells the story of the last four months of Abraham Lincoln’s life as he attempts to pass the Thirteenth Amendment and abolish slavery. Nicely played America, the UK didn’t technically abolish slavery until 145 years later in 2010 and it’s not often that the Yanks get one up on us.

Daniel Day-Lewis stars as the main man and he is a red-hot 1/7 favourite to pick up the Oscar for Best Actor. Tommy Lee Jones is up for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Congressional Leader Thaddeus Stevens and it looks like a straight fight between him and Phillip Seymour Hoffman in The Master. Tommy Lee Jones is 6/5 to pick up the award and has received plenty of support in the betting. 

Steven Spielberg is getting pretty used to picking up awards and it looks like he’ll need to add another few inches onto the end of his mum’s mantelpiece by the end of February. Spielberg is the 1/4 favourite to win the Oscar for Best Director for his work in Lincoln and the film heads the market at 4/5 to be awarded Best Adapted Screenplay.

The latest Bond film Skyfall hasn’t received much support at all following plenty of criticism, although let’s be fair it was a country mile ahead of Quantum of Solace. Life of Pi has been run through the hype machine and is a firm favourite at 1/6 to be awarded Best Cinematography.

Though not always renowned for levels of intelligence, Hollywood has done well to avoid a number of shockers from the last 12 months in the film world. Vampire-lovers will be distraught to see The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn was overlooked and Ghost Rider 2 achieved the impossible task of being considerably worse than the original.

That’s My Boy is another film that didn’t make the cut. Who would have thought that a comedy costing $70 million to make and featuring stars like Vanilla Ice and Adam Sandler would be such a disaster?

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