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A radical and timely plan to revamp horse racing

by Aidan Elder | January 16, 2013

Over the last few years, the powers that run horse racing have been trying to make it more appealing to younger generations. Trying to show that it’s not just a sport for the very wealthy and the slightly inbred. Trying to make it more family friendly. Trying to make it the kind of thing you’d have a chat about around the mocha-frappacino making machine or whatever the modern equivalent of the water cooler is.

It’s a noble goal because the talent and dedication shown by the vast majority of people involved in the sport is worthy of more than a few inches of column spaces on the pages and websites of the world’s media outlets.

There is on-going tinkering with the racing offering to garner more attention. Stars like Frankie Dettori, Frankel and the unlikely YouTube sensation that is Peter Casey have contributed to the cause, but it still falls short of making it mainstream

The horse meat crisis that is engulfing leading supermarkets might just provide the improbable solution to the cause. With revelations about the level of horse meat contained in supposedly ‘beef’ products stocked by some retailers, there’s the possibility for a timely and mutually beneficial partnership.

Tesco and the BHA announce a plan to motivate under-performing horses …


What better way to get that last bit of effort out of a dawdling nag than the looming spectre of a Tesco truck running alongside them. You’d see a lot less trotting over the finish line several minutes after the winner for a start.

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