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All new Paddy Power ad: Oi, footballers, get to work!

by Rob Dore | January 17, 2013

It’s Paddy Power’s brand new Premier League TV ad

Some footballers work hard for their money. They sacrifice their bodies every week for our entertainment. They are capable of doing things with a football which are beyond the imagination and physical capabilities of us mere mortals. Who can begrudge Lionel Messi a single cent of the millions of euros he makes every year when he thrills and mesmerises as he does? Certainly not us. In fact, give that hobbit a raise.

However, and there’s always a ‘however’ when we start a post on a positive note, not all footballers earn their keep.

The Premier League is littered with inflated egos picking up inflated pay cheques. Players being paid insane amounts of money for essentially getting a bit of exercise during the week and then watching some live football on the weekend, from the best seats in the house. Which they don’t even have to pay for. Things which us fans spend thousands every year to be allowed to do. Even if we don’t use that gym membership after mid-February, we still pay for it for the entire year because we’re definitely going to start working out this weekend. Probably.

Well no more. We here at Paddy Power are shining a light on those work-shy mercenaries who are a drain on our football clubs. They can blame the manager, their team-mates or being homesick all they want but we’re not having it.

So let’s get them working! If they’re not earning their keep on the pitch, there’s plenty of other things they can do. We’ve made a few suggestions in our latest TV ad. Check it out and make some suggestions of your own.


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