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Lance Armstrong in pictures: Live strong, lie stronger

by Rob Dore | January 18, 2013

By Rob Dore | drugs

Lance Armstrong finally admitted to Oprah ‘I’m a serious interviewer, look at my serious face’ Winfrey what we had already presumed to be true. That he took performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) to win the Tour de France.

This is a man who had cancer of the testicles, lungs, abdomen and brain and was given a 40% chance of survival by his doctor. He underwent surgery and aggressive chemotherapy to save his life. When Lance Armstrong returned to cycling, not just was he able to get back to his previous standard but he actual got better. A lot better.

So much so, he won a 2,000-mile endurance cycling race — the most demanding cycling race in the world — seven times in-a-row. This was during a period when it seems as though every other cyclist taking part was taking drugs. Yeah, Lance may be a liar, a bully and a cheat but when you look at the facts, we’re all f***ing idiots.

Lance Armstrong: Breaking Bad. Very bad…

Breaking Bad - Lance Armstrong

Redemption! Oprah style

Will Lance’s candid interview with Oprah soften public opinion enough for him to get offered a spot on next season’s Dancing with the Stars?

Oprah Baptises Lance

True Dat!

He lied about taking drugs, joining a select group which contains about one third of all teenagers.

Lance Armstrong - Liar, Liar

Just do it? Already did it!

Lance didn’t worry about whether he was breaking the rules or if he was defrauding his fans and his sponsors, like Nike. He ‘just did it’ and that’s how stuff gets done in this world.

Just Do It -  PEDs

A cheating king amongst cheating men

He may not be king of the mountains but he sure the hell is king of the liars. For 15 years he kept this particular lie going. Could you tell a lie this big and keep it going for that long? No you could not and for the stamina, focus and determination he showed in maintaining his lie(s) Lance deserves some credit. Just don’t tell us he’s been taking lie-enhancing drugs too. Now that would be disappointing.

All Hail the King - Lance Armstrong

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