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Paddy smashes €700k mark with January Money-Back Special All losers bonanza

by Josh Powell | January 18, 2013
Money-Back All Losers


Paddy Power’s at it again – refunding 13,000 customers and smashing through the 700,00 mark on Money-Back Special all losers in the 1.45 Kempton and the 2.45 Naas on Saturday January 19.

So far this year, Paddy has refunded €715k to punters and will continue the Money-Back madness in two races on Saturday, January 26 to go along with all the Saturdays we had in January.

Paddy said:

Punters are loving our Money-Back All Losers Specials. At a time when people are maybe feeling the pinch after Christmas, we’re refunding money hand over fist and there’s still one more Saturday to go in January!”

If you backed the wrong horse sit back, relax and wait for your account to be credited or smugly hand your docket over the counter and tell the good people of Paddy Power they owe you a few bob.

— Paddy Power Racing (@pphorseracing)

Take a bow if you backed Big Sylv in the 1.45 Kempton. But don’t despair if you punted anything else in the race as you will see that account being re-credited with some lovely dosh.

Not long after, there was another tasty refunded on all losers in the 2.45 Naas.

The world’s favourite bookmaker also refunded €190k to customers across all channels in the 12.50 at Lingfield and the 2.25 at Warwick on Saturday, January 12, to add to the €235k (Jan 5) and the 150k on New Year’s Day that has been returned to punters since the Money-Back Special began on All losers every Saturday in January

With this gift that keeps on giving there’s still TWO more Money-Back Special All losers rces to come in January from your favourite bookie Paddy Power.

There’s no use talking to Paddy when he gets an idea in his head and this Money-Back Special All losers is the SIXTH refund of punters cold, hard, cash of 2013.

On January 5, the 1.35pm Grade One at Chepstow and the 2.40pm at Wincanton were the two races selected by Paddy himself and punters cashed in.

Ruacana won the 1.35pm at Chepstow at 10/3 and customers who didn’t back the winner got their money back in cold hard cash thanks to Paddy.

Paddy had to fork out €140,000 to 11,400 customers and before the men in white coats arrived to take him away he was at it again at Wincanton.


Big Fella Thanks won the 2.40pm race and punters were celebrating again as Paddy refunded all losers. 11, 200 punters benefited as Paddy coughed up an eye-watering €95k.

Just four days after refunding a whopping €150,000 to 14,000 punters on New Year’s Day he pulled off another couple of massive Money-Back All Losers offer. Tonight’s take-away is certainly on Paddy Power.

22,600 punters were left very happy today and Paddy was spotted rocking in the corner of a dark room at the top of Power Tower.

‘Our New Year Resolution was to give punters something no other bookie can even hope to match’, Paddy said. ‘The problem is we’ve come up with something so generous, it makes Roman Abramovich seem thrifty.’

Paddy is refunding two races every Saturday in January. So keep calm, punt as normal and enjoy the action. Paddy will spin the bottle and decide the race so keep your eyes on Facebook, Twitter, The Paddy Power Blog and in PP shops as we announce which races we’ve gone Money-Back All Losers on.

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