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Footballers are all the rage and David de Gea needs more feet

by Paddy Power Admin | January 20, 2013

Angry footballers

Talking points from the Premier League weekend, by Paul Mallon

Why are footballers so angry?

So Clint Dempsey has never really been known for his cheery disposition. In fact, his stare is so intense he wasn’t allowed to play for the country of his birth, Canada, and instead had to declare for America. Ok, that’s a lie. But when you score a last-minute equaliser to thwart Alex Ferguson should your natural reaction not be hysterical laughter, rather than glowering rage?

The same goes for Jordan Henderson — a man who celebrated as if suffering from a massive dose of constipation after he opened the scoring for Liverpool against Norwich. It was a beautiful volley and may yet prove he wasn’t the worst £20m ever spent. Watch some Entourage, fella, and get the happy going. Then take some Senokot.

Likewise, when Aston Villa’s Gabby Agbonlahor scored against West Brom for Aston Villa his first reaction was to shove his hands to his ears to declare: “Where are my critics now, eh?” This from a man who’s scored just twice in 37 Premier League games. Bloody critics. Maybe if he learned to play with a smile on his face he score a bit more, like Dwight Yorke. Or at least get a ride from Jordan.

Footballers doing stupid angry celebrations is nothing new, of course. It’s just that trying to understand the confused emotions of spoiled sports stars is just too much with rumours swirling of a triple-dip recession.

Warm bath tweeting

The Guardian has jumped on a trend called ‘warm bath’ broadcasting. Basically this is “feel-good, middlebrow” stuff for which the BBC is famous. Think Downton Abbey, Call The Midwife and Mr Selfridge. Its football equivalent is Michael Owen, who scored his 150th Premier League goal at the weekend. The former England international’s tweets are so inoffensive they’ve helped him to almost 1.8million Twitter followers. Clearly, they’re all on to something.

David de Gea is still a liability

He pulled off a string of remarkable saves to keep Manchester United in the match against Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane. According to Four Four Two’s Statszone de Gea was a busy man. Spurs had 25 shots in the game, compared to United’s five. De Gea made his best saves, however, with his feet. His injury-time flapping cost United the victory. Now, if Fergie replaces his arms with his legs, United are laughing. In fact, aside from the great Peter Schmeichel, Fergie has a rep for dodgy keepers — Mark Bosnich, Massimo Taibi, Roy Carroll, Fabien Barthez, Ricardo, Andy Goram, Tomasz Kuszczak, and more, have all given various defenders the jitters.

Meanwhile, Football365 is reporting that this is the first season of the Premier League that Manchester United have not beaten Spurs. If you need any more evidence that United can throw away the league title, read Aidan Elder’s piece here for the Paddy Power Blog, or head over to F365 here for more on the rise of Spurs under Andre Villas-Boas.

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