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This just in: Paddy Power are betting on all of Jim White’s deadline day cliches

by Josh Powell | January 30, 2013
MR DEADLINE DAY: Jim White must feel like all his birthdays have come at once

MR DEADLINE DAY: Jim White must feel like all his birthdays have come at once

By Josh Powell | Sports writer

Brace yourselves because transfer deadline day is almost here and that can only mean three things. The Sky Sports hype-machine is in overdrive, Jim White looks like he is about to spontaneously combust and your twitter feed is full of people claiming to have seen Michael Owen in a chippy near Burnley.

Paddy Power are once again betting on Jim White’s first cliché during Sky Sports’ deadline day broadcast before the window closes at 11pm on Thursday night – or should that be ‘before the window slams shut’ – a 7/2 shot in the betting.

Front-running phrases in the market are ‘the clock is ticking’ at 9/4 while other likely clichés to crop up include ‘a Sky Sports Exclusive’, ‘We can now reveal’ and ‘You’ll hear it here first’ which are all at 5/1.

Odds are also available on what colour tie Mr. Deadline Day will wear for the occasion while if that doesn’t float your boat you can also bet on the colour of Natalie Sawyer’s dress.

Elsewhere the bookie is also taking bets on what figure Brian Swanson’s favourite toy “The Totaliser” will finish up with and how long Harry Redknapp’s inevitable car window interview will be.

Jim White’s first cliché on Sky Sports News

9/4     The Clock is ticking

7/2     Before the window slams shut

5/1     A Sky Sports exclusive

5/1     We can now reveal

5/1     You’ll hear it here first

13/2    Last minute business

8/1     This just in

10/1     Put pen to paper

12/1    Sensational breaking news

12/1    Hold on to your hats

14/1    Spotted at the training ground

14/1    Sky Sources have informed me

16/1    Gary Cotterill outside spurs lodge

20/1    Dismissed reports linking him with a move

20/1    Twitter is in meltdown

25/1    Harry Redknapp’s War Chest

25/1    Sorry Natalie

33/1    Come and get me plea

33/1    Have swooped to sign

33/1    The eleventh hour

33/1    Two phones

33/1    Weighing up his options

33/1    Angling for a move

33/1    Spotted at the airport

33/1    I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve

33/1    Right out of Leftfield

33/1    Are football clubs the only people who use fax machines?

33/1    The two clubs are working tooth and nail to get the deal done

33/1    Actions speak louder than words

50/1    Joey Barton has just tweeted

50/1    Confirmation of last-minute Fax

50/1    Turn over a new leaf

50/1    We are now live from Harry’s Car window

100/1  Paddy Power make me paranoid about my clichés

Harry Redknapp car interview

9/4     Harry not to speak from car window when leaving the ground for the night

7/2     1-10 Seconds

7/2     11-30 seconds

4/1     31 Secs – 1 min

4/1     1.01min – 2mins

5/1     2.01min – 3mins

15/2    3.01mins or more

Colour of Jim White’s Tie

5/4     Blue

6/4     Yellow

11/4    Red

8/1     Silver/Grey

11/1    Purple/Pink

14/1    Green

20/1    Gold

20/1    Orange/Peach

20/1    Black

20/1    White

25/1    Brown

Colour of Natalie Sawyer’s Dress

4/1     Red

9/2     Yellow

5/1     Pink

5/1     Black

6/1     Sky Blue

7/1     Navy Blue

7/1     Purple

8/1     Green

10/1    Beige

12/1    White

12/1    Silver/Grey

15/1    Orange/Peach

20/1    Brown


11/2    £100-120 million

9/4     £120-140 million

9/4     £140-160 million

7/2     £160-180 million

9/2     £180-200 million

15/2    Over £200 million

Team who has their deadline day signing mentioned first on SSN after window closes

11/2    Tottenham

11/2    Man City

6/1     QPR

12/1    Chelsea

14/1    Liverpool

14/1    Everton

14/1    Aston Villa

16/1    Man Utd

18/1    Newcastle

20/1    Arsenal

20/1    Stoke

20/1    Sunderland

20/1    West Ham

20/1    Norwich

20/1    Reading

20/1    Southampton

25/1    Swansea

25/1    West Brom

25/1    Fulham

25/1    Wigan

Club to sign the most players on deadline day

3/1     QPR

5/1     Norwich

5/1     Southampton

5/1     Sunderland

6/1     Reading

6/1     Aston Villa

8/1     Tottenham


Evens  A Premier League signing to announce his move is a ‘Dream come true’

16/1    Supporter to be shown burning his own club’s shirt

33/1    A presenter to swear while live on air

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