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VIDEO: Wales get the bad lip-reading treatment ahead of the Six Nations

by Aidan Elder | February 1, 2013


Welsh people are renowned for their sense of humour. Harry Secombe, Rob Brydon, Rhod Gilbert, Lisa Scott-Lee’s solo career – they clearly love a good laugh.

The rugby team are no different and they let us give them the ‘bad lip-treatment’ just in time for the Six Nations. After disappointing results in the Autumn Internationals, they’ve got their fair share of stick, but there are rumours of bizarre diet fads leaking from the dressing room that they’re hoping will turn around their fortunes. Hmmm – how slightly contrived yet very intriguing.


While it’s good to see the likes of Rhys Priestland, Matthew Rees, James Hook and Mike Phillips don’t take themselves too seriously off the pitch, fans can be assured of their intensity on it. When it comes to the visit of Ireland on Saturday, they’ll be thundering into tackles and sticking their heads between the legs of other men with all the gusto we’d usually expect from them.

Now, pass the chocolate cake.


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