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Video: Danny Simpson gets in to late night brawl

by Rob Dore | February 4, 2013

Here’s a video of Danny after the incident. Be warned it does not make for the pleasant of viewing.

The story behind Danny Simpson doing an Audley Harrison outside a Manchester takeaway at 4am on Sunday morning has yet to be fully clarified.

The reports suggest that Simpson got a little mouthy as he queued up for some late night victuals, no doubt famished after Newcastle’s 3-2 win over Chelsea on Saturday. Presumably the euphoria of victory had loosened his tongue along with his spirit. Or he might just have been pissed. As his tweet below suggests, Simpson was determined to celebrate with aplomb.

After an altercation with a fellow reveller in the queue Simpson is reported to have stuck the gentleman to the ground. He then attempted to take his leave but was dragged from a taxi, presumably by a companion of the struck fellow, and unceremoniously knocked out.

Simpson, the boyfriend of the ever classy Tulisa, insisted that he was okay in this tweet this morning.

Danny has gone for the classic, there was more of them than there was of me approach rather than the more honest, ‘I acted like a twat and now I feel embarrassed by my actions. I’m lucky I wasn’t more seriously hurt but in truth I must shoulder a large portion of the blame for putting myself in that situation.’ But that doesn’t fit in 140 characters.

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