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Five reasons why you need Paddy Power’s new mobile games in your life

by Josh Powell | February 8, 2013

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The tech wizards at Paddy Power are at it again with a brand-spanking new casino app. They might not know who is in the running to be FHM’s sexiest woman, but if you ever needed someone to quote The Big Bang Theory word-for-word or create the best app going, these are your guys.

The lads and ladies on the mobile games team have put together a slick app with all your favourite games in one place. If you haven’t already stopped reading this to go and download it from the app store, here’s five reasons why you need Paddy Power’s new mobile games in your life.

  1. Firstly it will cost you the grand total of £0.00. Believe it or not, this must-have app will cost you absolutely zilch. Squat. Nada.
  2. All your favourite games are now in one easy to use app. Blackjack, roulette, 25 different slots and a truck-load of virtual racing are all in one place. It’s a handy one-stop shop for all your gaming needs.
  3. It might make the shareholders angry, but Paddy Power loves putting cash back in the pockets of punters and now there’s a dedicated promotion page on the app. It’s always being updated so you’ll never miss another delicious slice of generosity from the boss.
  4. It’s the only real money casino app that has games for everyone. Whatever tickles your fancy, from blackjack to slots, it’s all here. There are four virtual sports including racing and football, plus roulette, blackjack and other table games as well as more than 25 slot games. Rainbow Riches and more of your favourites are all included in the most entertaining app since Angry Birds.
  5. Lying on the couch at home, waiting outside a changing room for the other half or even on the jacks at work – you can play all of these games anytime, anywhere. Just make sure you wash your hands after.

Not even the excitement of the new Star Trek film could stop the tech guys as they created a mobile games app that will rock your world. Existing Paddy Power punters can go ahead and log straight in, and if you don’t have an account it’s so easy to set up even reality starJoey Essex would sail through it.

Ready to download a life-changing app? Head over to the iTunes store now and experience it for real.

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