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Piers Morgan’s latest anti-Wenger Arsenal Twitter rant

by Aidan Elder | February 23, 2013
WEN'  WILL IT END? - Wenger isn't happy, but he can comfort himself with the fact he doesn't have to read Piers Morgan's tweets (pic: Inpho)

WEN’ WILL IT END? – Wenger isn’t happy, but he can comfort himself with the fact he doesn’t have to read Piers Morgan’s tweets (pic: Inpho)

Admittedly very few people woke up this morning and though to themselves ‘I wonder what Piers Morgan thinks about stuff’, but that didn’t stop him from letting everyone know how he felt.

With Arsenal staring at the prospect of an eighth year of not needing to by a new tin of Brasso for the club, Morgan hasn’t been show about trying to get a #WengerOut hashtag up and running.

Possibly because he got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning, British journalism’s version of Marmite launched his latest push to get the man who transformed both Arsenal and English football sacked that will get totally ignore by the club’s hierarchy.

Apropos of nothing, Morgan starts the attack by criticizing Wenger’s admittedly suspect claim that his team are as good as Bayern and the club could sign Falcao if they wanted.

He ends with a factually incorrect claim about being the new Pope which is absurd as clearly Morgan would fancy a job slightly further up the ladder of the Catholic church, possibly perched on a cloud somewhere.

Three minutes and some hastily done calculations later, he delivers this stat-bomb:

Soon he brings the wider club management into the crosshair of his trolling:

Morgan throws out a question that doesn’t really have an answer, but also ignores the infrastructure, cultural change and shrewd financial management that has put Arsenal on a much more optimistic path than they were previously heading:

Don’t worry, he’s running out of steam:

Oh no, my mistake. He hasn’t.

In a subtle sign of disrespect to the French, he sticks an e-finger up to continental conventions by mixing up the 24 Hour clock and the AM/PM system. Nasty.

Gary Neville gets involved and Piers adopts a dignified silence.
Ha ha! NO! Of course he doesn’t:

Piers unleashes the hypotheticals on G-Nev to back up his argument:

Now it’s time for the old ‘RVP to United’ chestnut, which seems based entirely on the theory that if Arsenal had kept van Persie and let him go for free in the summer, they’d currently be title challengers.

Manchester United fans in ‘backing Gary Neville’ shocker:

He’s not letting up, calling this ‘the worst squad Wenger has ever had’. Oh how quickly the Emmanuel Eboue era has been forgotten.

If Wenger had bought ‘3/4 players in January it could have saved our season’. An interesting claim, but I generally find buying a whole player works rather than buying him in quarters.

Another hypothetical question for G-Nev. Clearly it would be ‘good business’ but mainly for the pubs and tobacconists of north London.

Well strictly speaking, living off McDonalds isn’t the cheapest way of subsisting – economically or health-wise:

Kirstie Allsop gets involved and she’s probably worth listening to because she’s built a whole career about not paying over the odds for things that are obviously over-rated.

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