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6 poker facts from the Paddy Power Blog that will blow your mind

by Josh Powell | February 25, 2013

Irish Open Poker hdr

By Josh Powell | Irish Open 2013


Three Premier League winners medals, an FA Cup, a Champions League and 51 caps for England. Throw in a spicy romance with glamour model Danielle Lloyd in 2006, an engagement to a smoking-hot girl 20 years his junior, and more than $335,000 in poker winnings.

Teddy Sheringham is living the dream and now you can too.

Well, not the footballing accolades or the sleeping with glamour models, but you can definitely become a poker legend thanks to the Irish Open.

This weekend Paddy Power is hosting a free online poker tournament and the first prize is a seat at the Irish Open and €750 in cash. The seat itself is worth €2,250 so you’d expect it to be super comfy.

The tournament takes place on Sunday March 3rd at 8.00pm sharp and it is so easy to enter even Joey Essex could figure it out. A secret password is be available at the top of this post and that is all you need to enter the tournament at

You can get a taste of Vegas from the comfort of your own home and there won’t be any danger of marrying a stripper, getting an ill-advised tattoo or waking up with a tiger in your gaff. Last year Kevin Vandersmissen from Belgium won the tournament and pocketed a tasty €420,000 for his efforts.

Here are six things about poker from the Paddy Power Blog that could blow your mind.

1. Richard Nixon’s campaign for Congress in 1946 was funded by $6,000 he won on a poker game while he was in the United States Army


2. The Irish Open is the longest-running No Limit Texas Hold ’em Poker Tournament in Europe


3. The comedian Groucho Marx used to keep his money in his ‘Grouch bag’. Hence the nickname Groucho


4. When Christopher Columbus came to America in 1492 he drew pictures on leaves because he had left his deck of cards back in Spain.


5. American West outlaw ‘Wild Bill Hickok’ was holding a pair of aces and a pair of eights, all black, when he was assassinated in 1876. The hand is now more commonly known as ‘The Dead-man’s hand’


6. Despite her second single ‘Poker Face’ going to number one in the charts in 17 different countries, Lady Gaga is more of a ‘whist’ girl. Supposedly.


The Irish Open takes place in the Burlington Hotel in Dublin from March 29th – April 1st. The event is streamed live on the internet and there is live music, beer pong, mini golf and a truck-load of other entertainment for you to enjoy.

Lady Gaga won’t be there though.

Irish Open Poker banner

Terms and Conditions

  • Players must be 18+ years of age in order to participate in any Irish Open poker tournament.
  • Participants must adhere to the tournament rules set out in the event programme which is handed out at the Irish Open.
  • Upon entering the venue of the Irish Open poker event, players consent to their image and likeness being used in the media, most notably by national press, poker media and online including a live stream of the event.
  • If an arrangement is entered into by any players at the Irish Open with regard to the distribution of any prize money (a “Deal”), Paddy Power and/or Countside Limited has complete discretion as to whether to distribute such prize money in accordance with that Deal. In the event that the prize money is so distributed, neither Paddy Power nor Countside Limited shall have any liability or culpability in relation to any aspect of the Deal including, without limitation, if the players’ calculations prove to be incorrect and the Deal shall be the sole responsibility of the relevant players. In the event that the Deal is calculated incorrectly by the players, unless otherwise agreed by Countside Ltd or Paddy Power, the relevant prize money will be paid in accordance with the original prize fund calculation.
  • We reserve the right to change, amend or alter any portion of the Irish Open schedule.
  • All tournaments may have a day added or subtracted at Tournament Director discretion.
  • The Irish Open buy-in amount (€2,000) in respect of each player who competes in the event shall be held separately for the players to be paid out in full to the prize winners of the event.  Prize winners will receive 100% of the final prize money; for the avoidance of doubt the prize money will never belong to either Paddy Power or the Operator.

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