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Paddy Power vs the benchwarmers: 5 posters causing a Premier League storm

by Josh Powell | March 1, 2013

2nd jobs for subs - Arshavin, Arsenal v3


Andrei Arshavin earns a whopping £625.00 every 90 minutes. That’s a third generation iPad, a pair of new trainers and a night out on the town all for sitting on a really comfy bench, watching football and chatting to Steve Bould.


That’s why Paddy Power is encouraging these over-paid, under-performing Premier League benchwarmers to put in a shift with a #2ndJobsforsubs campaign. Paddy has been travelling up and down the UK, putting up billboards, encouraging frequent bench-warmers to put a shift in elsewhere.

Arsenal aren’t too impressed with Paddy’s suggestion though and are threatening to take down the sign. The massive billboard overlooks the Emirates and suggests the Russian would be better sorting out some of the blockages in the Block D toilets.

Fernando Torres, Peter OdemwingieDarren Bent and Jose Bosingwa have all come in for the Paddy Power treatment with huge billboards outside the Premier League grounds.

£50m man Fernando Torres has flopped since arriving at Stamford Bridge but Paddy has got an onion bag even he can’t miss. Unfortunately Roman Abramovich doesn’t see the funny side and is quite keen to rip it down. There’s probably not really much of a funny side when you’ve just thrown away £50m.

1. Fernando Torres, near Stamford Bridge

2nd jobs for subs - Torres, Chelsea

2. Darren Bent, near Villa Park

2nd jobs for subs - Bent, Villa v2

3. Peter Odemwingie, at the Hawthorns

2nd jobs for subs - Odemwingie artwork

4. Jose Bosingwa at QPR

2nd jobs for subs - Bosingwa artwork

5. Andrei Arshavin at the Emirates

2nd jobs for subs - Arshavin, Arsenal v3

And here’s our “apology” letter which was printed in both the Sun and the Star.

Apology Letter

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