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BetDash: Here’s your opportunity to bet like a billionaire!

by Josh Powell | March 4, 2013


By Josh Powell | BetDash

BetDash is revolutionising the way people bet on sports. It gives you the chance to bet like a billionaire without the risk of losing your yacht when Liverpool get shocked by Oldham, France lose in the 6 Nations to Italy or an odds-on favourite at Cheltenham gets beat on the line.

Sheik Mansour and Roman Abramovich are at a loose-end on Champions League nights, but BetDash is the perfect tonic to keep them occupied. And now you have the chance to try to turn £100k into £1 million in 10 days that will change the way you bet.

How does it work we here you cry? Players buy into the game for a stake anything between £2 and £200 and Paddy Power will present you with a virtual bankroll of £100k. Not content with putting cold hard cash in the pockets of punters, Paddy’s giving virtual money away too! 

The challenge is to turn this £100k in to £1 million by proving yourself to be the shrewdest and smartest punter around. Over 10 days you can bet on real-world sports risking thousands of pounds as you try to break the £1 million barrier. After 10 days Paddy pays out real money based on how much you originally staked, your level of difficulty and your final bankroll.

You have the chance to win up to 25 times your original stake. So for a £5 stake you could bet like a billionaire, with very little risk and still be cashing out a tidy £125 at the end of it. If you hit the £100 million mark on the game you could win up to 1,000 times your original stake.

For a £20 stake you could bet like a billionaire and winning enough to pay for a new car or a fortnight abroad. Not to mention a seriously good night on the town.

This is a completely new way of betting and it gives you the chance to punt on new sports or try new multiples with very little risk. Prove yourself to be a brilliant gambler, win real money, punt like a billionaire and all without risking whatever football club you own.

All this week BetDash are giving away free lucky pants, game credits and cash on Facebook and Twitter and you can get even more insight and tips on the BetDash blog.

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