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Feilim is drunk at Cheltenham: Day 2 dispatch

by Josh Powell | March 13, 2013

Feilim Byline

Féilim Mac An Iomaire | Midnight Chaser

The Paddy Power Blog needed a man on the ground at Cheltenham. This week, loose-trousered PR manager Féilim Mac An Iomaire is that man. After the pasting Hurricane Fly gave us on Tuesday, Feilim was drowning his sorrows yesterday. That may or may not be apparent in this totally unedited report he sent us last night.

To say that Tuesday night was random would be an understatement! Last night was like stepping in to an alternate universe, as an Icelandic international proceeded to follow me around like tails does sonic before f-ing off.Unfortunately for me there was no escape from the from the wake up call that was set in stone for 7am!

Not content with our Hurricane Fly castration we decided to divy out free burgers to all comers. Having durvived an awkward conversation with animal rights watch the rest of it went down a storm as we fired out free HORSEBURGERS to everyone and anyone who would have them!! al i had to dress up all fancy to pacify anyone who invited us. Turns out everyone hates me…..but then there are the laaaaayyyydeees!

Afterwards I head to the course but while I’m dpi g do the mischief team are kicking all kinds of ass SMD getting a giant pair of underpants.

Tonight in Cheltenham after a bad day where I lost all my pennies my ultimate dream came true. Paddy Power and the team wined and dined me. They are sexy, charming and everything a woman looks for in a man and more.

Need I say more?

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