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Money Back if he’s black: Dennis Rodman backs Peter Turkson for pope (kinda)

by Paul Mallon | March 13, 2013

He’s the second favourite in the betting and now has the backing of a basketball legend and friend of North Korea.

Paddy Power’s Mischief Department blew the spring budget to fly NBA and Celebrity Big Brother star Dennis Rodman (51) to Rome as the conclave decides who will take over from Emperor Palpatine Pope Benedict. Admittedly, Paddy is pretty freaked about getting this bill through the bean-counters in accounts.

Cardinal Peter Turkson (7/2) gets the Rodman vote as the sports legend declared in Italy: “That fella from Ghana is the only man for the job.” (Or mumbled words to that effect).

“I want to be anywhere in the world that I’m needed,” former Chicago Bulls rebounder Rodman said earlier. “I want to spread a message of peace and love throughout the world.” Rodman’s peace and love tour started in that cauldron of chuckles, North Korea, as we reported earlier.

Rodman popped up on the BBC to give a video interview on the situation in which he outlined his deep understanding of all matters papal.

Paddy Power has offered customers Money Back if a black pope is elected this week. Read the full list of runners and riders here.

In pictures: Dennis Rodman at the Vatican

Rodman in the Vatican4

FLOWER POWER: Rodman wears shades to help keep a low profile. Nice jacket, fella

Rodman in the Vatican3

AYE, AYE, CAP ON: Dennis refuses to leave home without his Paddy Power cap

Rodman in the Vatican2

WHY DOES IT ALWAYS RAIN ON ME? Big and tough, yes. But he doesn’t leave home without a brolly


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