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Feilim is drunk at Cheltenham: Day 3 dispatch

by Paddy Power Admin | March 14, 2013

Feilim Byline

Féilim Mac An Iomaire | Midnight Chaser

The Paddy Power Blog needed a man on the ground at Cheltenham. Loose-trousered PR manager Féilim Mac An Iomaire (the artist formerly known as Jobless Paddy) is that warrior. We asked him to only file copy while drunk. So here’s his latest unedited report (via text message) from a day at Cheltenham of balloons, booze and painting (but enough about the Media Tent)…

Feilim at Cheltenham

BEFORE: Dapper Feilim settles in for a classy night of schmoozing

Those of you who had to break out the enigma machine to decipher last night’s post probably realise I had a sore head this morning. The boss man was in the mood to celebrate on the back of our balloon stunt. The funny thing was I wasn’t the worst in the vicinity. People shall remain nameless but in a scene straight out of Airplane! some numpty attempted to drink through his eye and another emptied his dinner on his plate. As if The Lord and messiah of all hangovers wasn’t enough I had the added pain in the hoop of moving hotels this morning thanks to a mix up with my dates. Once I get the roof over my head sorted I head to the course where we’re getting it in the neck over our balloon. To say that it has gone down like a bucket of pig shite would be the understatement of the century and not since Paris Hilton’s last conquest has any one been so keen to pull down some pants. Angry phone calls were received, fingers were wagged but ultimately we managed to keep it up for a while at least. Fresh off that it was all systems go for our next trick, slapping PP on the Arse of Hunt Ball. The fun police aren’t exactly spinning cartwheels over this one so we’ll probably be fighting on two fronts tomorrow! With a busy day ahead I could do worse than to take a leaf out of this chap on the bus’ book and go for an early night….but that’s not going to happen!


AFTER: Cheltenham has taken its toll on the Galway man

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