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GIF: A howler of an open goal miss

by Aidan Elder | March 19, 2013

Sometimes the phrase ‘open goal miss’ is a bit harsh on a player.
Sometimes while the goal is technically open, there are extenuating circumstances which can somewhat explain an apparently shocking miss, for example:

  • It’s a tight angle
  • The defender didn’t give him much time
  • It’s Marouane Chamakh, what did you expect?

Damian Alvarez of Tigre can’t clutch at any of those straws however as he despite having time, the ball in the perfect position to hit, no goalkeeper to beat and – oh yeah – being 2 yards out, he Chris Waddle-d it above the Guadalajara crossbar. It’s not the worst miss we’ve ever seen, but that’s only because we’ve seen far too much of Chamakh.



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