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VIDEO: Luis Suarez – supporting equality at Liverpool through terrible tackling

by Aidan Elder | March 22, 2013

He’s got his fair share of stick since coming to the Premier League, but here’s some evidence that Luis Suarez is a big fan of equality – by tackling women equally as badly as he tackles men.

Recently, the members of Liverpool men’s and ladies squads did some training together and out of respect for the athletic prowess of women, Suarez wasn’t holding back, launching himself at the ball – and one of the women’s ankles – during a life or death game of … em … in the middle.
He can’t help it. He’s just such a competitor. For both victory and equal rights.

Reports emerging from Old Trafford suggesting that he followed up by telling her ‘Get back into the kitchen, woman. That’s where we keep our birds back in Uruguay’ have yet to be confirmed.


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