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Twitter reaction: @SanMarinoFA gets the hump with England’s finest …. and Gary Lineker

by Sean Goff | March 23, 2013

You can’t have too many complaints when you’ve won an international game 8-0 – unless of course you’re San Marino.

The little nation took the hump at some of ITV’s ‘patronising’ coverage of Friday night’s defeat and unable to respond on air – or on the pitch – took to the next best thing: the Twitter machine.

The BBC – like the rest of the footballing world – had decided the game was a ‘walkover’ before a ball had been kicked.

But it was the ITV commentary and ‘punditry’ that started to really annoy the plucky little micro-state – who are officially the world’s worst football team.

And Gary Lineker didn’t escape their attention either as he dug – and not too deeply we would imagine – into his locker of rubbish football cliches before sticking the boot in.

Arrogant and Ignorant? Gary Lineker? They’re just having a laugh.

We’re just glad that nothing like this could happen at Paddy Power : Who are San Marino? 

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